Registration Period:
   March 10 - May 15, 2004

All entries Due:
   May 31, 2004

Winners Notified:
   June 25, 2004


International Design Competition

For 150 years, Timex has been at the forefront of advance technology and iconic, internationally recognized timepieces. To celebrate its 150th anniversary and demonstrate its ongoing commitment to design and innovation, Timex is inviting designers from around the world to explore and visualize personal and portable timekeeping 150 years from now - in the year 2154.

US$20,000 worth of prizes will be awarded to winners in three categories: Wrist-Based, Wearable and Conceptual. Winning designs will be published at, featured in press coverage and displayed in exhibitions throughout the U.S. and abroad.

All winning entries, runners-up and notable selected entries will be published online at and Selected entries will be modeled and displayed in an exhibition, which will travel in the U.S. and abroad and ultimately live in a permanent exhibit at the Timexpo museum in Waterbury, CT, USA.


Design Brief
The essence of time has many interpretations. Some revere time as a regulator, providing context to actions and order to schedules. Others deem it as a checkpoint device that invites accomplishments and permits life to be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

The capture of time is also ripe for investigation. Some people respond to the precision of the digital, while others welcome the tradition of the analog. Some are fascinated with the march of time, while others are liberated by its constant rhythms. Whether too much or too little, most are constantly referencing time's metric, and portioning out attention, energy and lives by its metronome.

2154: Future of Time asks designers to envision future concepts in timekeeping devices in three categories:

This category asks what on-wrist timekeeping devices will be like in 2154, and how they will relate to our perception and communication of time.

The wearable category moves off the wrist and imagines 2154 timekeeping somewhere else on the body.

Entries in this category will embrace the most conceptual imaginings of timekeeping in the year 2154, redefining and recontextualizing the notion of time on a personal level.

**IMPORTANT** Regardless of category, all entries must embody two key criteria: Personal and Portable. Entries in this competition should examine ways to embody and communicate time on an individual level.

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Originality, innovation, design and presentation.


Sigi Moeslinger, Antenna Design
William J.H. Andrewes, author and former curator, Harvard University
Paola Antonelli, Design Curator, Museum of Modern Art
Joe Moya, Vice President, Design, Timex
Michael Friend, Director Marketing Communications, Timex
Allan Chochinov, Partner, Core77


How To Enter

1. Register
All participants must register to take part in this competition. Upon completion of registration, each participant will receive a unique registration number. Registration as an individual or as a team is allowed.

Each entry submitted must have it's own registration number. There is no limit as to how many times a person or group registers or how many entries they submit, but each entry must have its own registration number and can only be submitted in one of the three categories. Your number will be used to track all competition activity, and must be included on all correspondence relating to the competition.

2. Design and Prepare Your Entry
Entries must contain three images, 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high, at 72 dpi.
The set of images must tell the story of the design at three scales:
- one image showing context
- one image showing object
- one image showing relevant details, assembly, features, etc.

Each entry must include a short (500 words) explanation of your submission.

Note: Winners will be required to submit high-resolution images for publication and exhibition display (300 dpi).

3. Submit Your Work
Attach your files to an e-mail and send them to:

**IMPORTANT** Include your registration number in the subject line of your e-mail. You must also specify which one of the three categories you are entering in the subject line of your e-mail. Submissions with no registration number or category listed in the subject line of the email will not be considered.

You can only submit each entry in one category. The judges reserve the right to move any entry they feel was submitted in the wrong category. We will not advise you as to which category your entry best fits. All entries should be submitted in one of the three categories based on the following criteria:

1. WRIST-BASED: If your design is worn on the wrist than this is your category.

2. WEARABLE: If your design is not worn on the wrist, but is worn somewhere else on the body than this is your category.

3. CONCEPTUAL: If your design is not worn on the wrist, or anywhere else on the body than this is your category.


Competition Details

The competition is divided into three categories: Wrist-based, Wearable and Conceptual. For each category the judges will award one grand prize and three runners-up.

Wrist-based Grand Prize: US$5000
Wearable Grand Prize: US$5000
Conceptual Grand Prize: US$5000

Runners-up in each of the three categories will receive gift bags with items valuing US$500.

All winning entries, runners-up and notable selected entries will be published online at and In addition, selected entries will be modeled and displayed in an exhibition which will travel in the U.S. and abroad, and ultimately live in a permanent exhibit at the Timexpo museum in Waterbury, CT, USA.

Registration Period: March 10 through May 15, 2004
Entry Deadline: May 31, 2004
Judging completed and winners notified by June 25, 2004

All winners will be required to participate in press initiatives including:
- Names and winning concepts to be incorporated in all PR outreach and press materials surrounding 2154: The Future of Time.
- Each winner to submit 1 (one) Timex approved quote for incorporation in press materials.
- Participation in a minimum of 3 (three) one-on-one interviews with Timex determined press outlets.
- Each winner to submit headshot and bio for use with press.

Entry Specifications
All submissions must consist of three renderings/photographs/sketches and a 500-word description. Any submissions not matching these criteria will be disqualified.

Hi-Res / Lo-Res
Although initial entries are submitted online at 1024 x 768 (72 dpi), finalists and winners will be required to provide high-resolution artwork (300 dpi).

All submissions must be work that is original for this competition.

Intellectual property rights will remain with the designer, although Timex and Core77 retain the nonexclusive right to publish or display any competition entry in any format, exhibition or publication.

This competition is open to all designers, students and enthusiasts worldwide. Employees of Timex and Core77 are not eligible to enter.

Please contact with any questions about the competition.

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