Entry Number 1963

Energistime twists around the arm like an elaborate watch, but its gauge measures ecological behavior and free time, instead of the usual 24-hour day. It is based on the concept that in the future, we will all need to closely monitor how our own behavior effects the environment, and we will prize free time more deeply. Ecologically-sound actions will be rewarded with more vacation time, while polluting behavior will earn the miscreant extra work hours.
Andrewes: The unusual and imaginative design and concept of "Energistime" made it stand out from other entries. Based on the notion that by 2154 we will all be paying greater attention to pollution than we do today, it presented a wearable instrument that would make users more aware of their environment and the way in which they spend their time.

Moya: With our current world of over-consumption, this concept gives hope for the future. The delicate glass structure is symbolic and deliberate with red, bloodlike fluid. It recalls a glass fuse with inner filament that acts as the conduit of power in an electrical circuit. It reminds us that time is precious.