Entry Number 1661

This magnetic bracelet hovers around the wrist, using proximity sensors and the metallic content of a person’s blood to ensure it never touches the skin. The timeline is displayed as a continuum around the bracelet's perimeter, and gyroscopes keep the time read-out always facing the wearer. Designed to solve the ergonomic issues presented by many wristbands, the Floating Bracelet leaps beyond its prosaic origins with the futuristic magic of levitation and self-generated movement.
Antonelli: Besides the elegance of the interface design—which recalls kitchen timers—the attention given to the very practical problem of the sweaty wrist was very compelling. The magnetic field could even be beneficial, similar to the effect of the copper bracelets worn by many alternative-medicine fans.

Moya: Having iron rich blood myself, I thought this concept was interesting because it uses the body’s deoxyribonucleic acid as an integral part of it function. The bracelet is "alive" and acts as an extension of your arm.