Entry Number 1693

Using a satellite/video interface, Time-aid can be programmed to display any clock face the user chooses, in real time, from a local clock tower to a sundial halfway around the world. This personal object contains advanced technology that, paradoxically, connects the wearer to history and the larger world. New and old, personal and global, Time-aid inspires an awareness of time and space.

Antonelli: It uses technology to recuperate a connection with the reality of the world, all the while celebrating its potential. It is a very poetic solution that lets the mind roam and inspires the imagination.

Chochinov: I love how it reduces distance, enabling the wearer to view real-time feeds from both local clocks as well as those distant, shrinking the world in an instantaneous and palpable way. One imagines the intimacy of the experience being almost startling.