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Author Topic:   Solidworks VS ProE
posted 03-30-2002 02:33 AM              Reply w/Quote
Without getting religious can anyone give an educated comparison of Solidworks VS ProE. I'm very experienced with ProE +surfacing and have yet to - not be able to - model something. The pairing of surfaces with solids is very powerful. But... Pro is expensive and the Solidworks reps are knocking at my door so...Are they compatible? Has anyone used them together? Has anyone used the surfacing tools that SW puts out? Give me the inside scoop...

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Could you clarify
posted 03-30-2002 12:19 PM              Reply w/Quote
I'm very experienced with ProE +surfacing and have yet to - not be able to - model something.

Could you clarify the above? Not meaning to be rude. How can you not have modeled something yet be experienced? Did I miss something?

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posted 03-30-2002 12:53 PM              Reply w/Quote
I tried with the dashes...I have been able to model anything so far. Just Solids with Surfacing...yes. Anyone on Solidworks and ProE to give me the lowdown?

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posted 03-30-2002 05:26 PM              Reply w/Quote
take a class and try the demo. if you know pro very well you should be able to use SW in a couple of weeks enough to understand its potential. it would however take you longer to fully use SW bet. 2000 to 5000 hrs depending on your privious knowledge of 3d space. the ECO is much easier on SW if you know how to branch it out when modeling. it is better to use independent references if you got the time to set it up. that way you wont mess up if you want to change something.

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posted 04-01-2002 10:29 PM              Reply w/Quote
SW was a good Pro-E alternative until Pro-E started to encode their files so that SW cannot import native Pro-E files.

SW is much better software than Pro-E, however, because Pro-E has a huge installed base, especially in Asian OEM/ODM companies, Pro-E still is a dominant tool, especially for computer HW industry. No Pro-E, no product. Also, this is attriubted by the fact that Pro-E creates a gret job security for many engineers. Pro-E each year complexify the software that experienced Pro-E users need to get retrained almost every year. What a great scheme to make an engineer difficult to replace!!

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To Dasmo
posted 04-04-2002 11:05 PM              Reply w/Quote
To Dasmo or Others:

Are you using ProE with the surfacing module or the surfacing that comes with ProE Foundation?

Is the surfacing in the ProE Foundation enough to model most curvy organic forms (excluding cars).

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Pro-E surface
posted 04-04-2002 11:11 PM              Reply w/Quote
Pro-E 2001 has a new module that is more simillar to CDRS(Pro-Designer). I tried it out and it was pretty good. However, the file will not be backward compatible with older Pro-E SW. If you cannot make a surface within Pro-E using the original surfacing tool, it will be very painful to mature the file to production through out the design tweaks. I have seen great many product with complex surfaces designed with Pro-E alone. However, it takes a special skills and expertise and is very difficult. I, for one, don't qulify and let others do it.

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posted 04-05-2002 05:07 PM              Reply w/Quote
I don't think surfaces are that hard to handle in Pro...but that's me. I thinks it just depends on what you learn.
(Pro's rendering sucks) Pro-Designer is their solution for more free wheeling design and rendering but that's another $15,000. I'll stick to slamming the crappy rendering into photoshop thanks.
To answer the above question. I'm using Pro with the advanced surface module. Foundation is not enough. You can do a lot with it but your design will be limited by the tool. For insance...A comon design methodology for more advanced designs is to make a master surface file that describes the outside shape of the product. From there you use that master surface to create all the different parts as solids. In the end all your parts come together to create a nice organic shape. Without surfacing you could not do this effectively. There are some things that are impossible to model in solids.
I have done a lot with solids only, including many projects. But... believe me, you will most likely get a project where you cannot not do the design with solids alone...


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to dasmo
posted 04-05-2002 05:41 PM              Reply w/Quote
you seem to agree with my experiences. i hear all you need is pro/e foundation. yet from what i can see and understand, there is no way without surfaces you could accomplish a high end product with foundation alone.

machine design, yes.

consumer product design, no.

i believe you need pro/foundation and advanced surfaces module.

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posted 04-09-2002 03:23 AM              Reply w/Quote
I have used both. Pro first, started with version 15 then picked up SW a few years later. I went back and forth for a while but now after 6 years I use only Solid works. Why?
1. cost
2. much easier to use
3. SW company is very easy to work with. good customer service.
4. They make great advancements each version. Making it eaiser to use and they do listen to users want lists.
5. I can model anything on sw that I could on pro but much easier
6. concept development is quicker, models do not need to be defined
7. Rendering isn't to bad, I've don't some great looking renderings
8. It plays well with others, cross platform works well. Rino surfaces can be brought in and used as solids.
9. It has some neat little add ons. e-drawings ect

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