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Guido Oooms Memory Sticks

45 Euros (approx. $59.00)
These sticks ran the design blogs like the bulls of Pamplona this past year, and now you can buy 'em for real.

Classic L-1 Olfa Knife

The L-1 sports a great price and just the right feel in the hand. Other knives have more heft (if that's your thing), but we've got two of these in circulation and wouldn't trust anything else.

Clojo Tissue Holder

Henk Stallinga is our absolute favorite, and the Clojo is classic. Run out of TP? Use this as a zine rack. Remember zines?

C77 KIT #1: Nature Skills

Wilderness Way Magazine 1 year subscription (4 issues) $16 + Bahco Universal Axe (Venerable 120 yr. old Swedish Company) $39.99 + Fire Starter $10.99

Janie Dry Stick

If you're a spaz, but like salad dressings and red sauces, look no further than the Janie Dry Stick, an inexpensive and unbelievably effective stain remover. Rub the dry stick on the stain, wait 3 minutes, and brush clean with the built-in bristles. We wouldn't grab this out of a burning building, but we'd come damn close. Buy 6—for home, office, RV, backpack, saddlebag, and toolbelt.

Publicolor Donation

Publicolor, founded by industrial designer Ruth Lande Shuman, is a fantastic organization whose mission is "to use color, collaboration, design and the painting process to empower students to transform themselves, their schools, and their communities." Organizing volunteers and students, they paint public spaces in schools, resuscitating them from drab to dramatic, building skills and self-esteem along the way. Send them a donation of 77 dollars if you want to play our little reindeer game, or bump it up to a C-note. Tax-deductible too!

FatMax® Xtreme 4-In-1 Utility Bar

Did someone say Halligan-for-the-home? Well, we just did. Now get out there and demo some shit!

Tetran Headphone Cable Winder

This colorful little dude chomps down on your earbuds while you wrap the cord around its limbs. And a removable ball-bearing chain allows you to attach it to a belt loop, cell phone strap or key ring.


Spell out all of your personal holiday greetings with building shapes snapped from aerial cameras...for free!

Modern Alchemy Candle Jars

Here's the pitch: "Douglas Little, fine perfumer, uses strictly 'fringe' botanicals to produce his heady cocktails of creamy European wax and essential oils. Each is presented in a porcelain parlor jar with a lead-free wick." They had us at fringe.

Box o' Pilot Razor Points

A favorite of industrial designers, the Pilot Razor Point holds a special place in the toolbox of anyone who still has the guts to put down the mouse tablet and start sketching. Buy them by the box.

Make: Magazine Subscription

Don't let the projects in here scare you—lots are doable, and the periodical is a great reminder that people used to make things instead of just buying them. And remember: "Screws better than glues." (Oh: Don't forget about sibling Craft: either.)

A Domain Name

You are your own brand, right? Well, start acting like one. Give the gift of web identity to yourself or to your posse, then hire a CSS ninja and add some Google Ads. Then email us when you've earned your first 77 dollars.

Uno Magnetik Distractions

Luis Pons' multi-purpose jewelry piece takes a simple idea to great effect. Go for the ring (well, make the ring) by wrapping a few inches around the finder, then adding the magnetic ball on top, ten wrapping again and finally clumping the rest like icing. Sweet.

Twist and Spout

It seems like forever since we first spied this product (winner, Designboom/ MACEF competition), and now it's finally available. Turns any soda bottle into a pitcher or watering can, with grace and economy.

Shaping Things, by Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling's latest is a wonderful book that explores technology, design, and the future in a post-industrial context. What would the world look like and act like if we had "an Internet of Things"? Pretty good, actually. But Sterling's prose is a pleasure in any world, and his neologisms are protosplendopulicious. Buy 4 of these books (they're cheap) and give 2 of 'em as gifts. (The fourth one is for yourself, since the first one you lent out didn't get returned.)

Neutra House Numbers

$68.00 each!
Big price, but big nice. (Get the "7" if you can only afford one, and put it on your desk for luck!)

An Inconvenient Truth DVD

If you missed the movie and are tired of apologizing, this is your chance to make amends. 'Nuff said.


If you think you're too cool for this tool, then you can take your $300 pair of distressed jeans and just stick 'em. And in case you didn't notice, the URL is MYbedazzler.com. So this is personal, yo. Seriously, you know you'll get more pleasure out of this item than anything else on the list. So just stop reading now and whip out that credit card.


There isn't one person who's plugged anything in that hasn't been undone by the not-enough-3-prongers sitch. Don't get caught ungrounded: Call in the squid.

Shredder Hand

In this age of identity theft, and with the hassle (and power consumption) of portable shredders, this should do the trick.

Shift 2007 Calendar

Yen 1360 = $11
A beautiful way to start, and continue, the new year.

2 35oz. UTZ Cheese Balls Barrels

C'mon...Cheese balls!

Flickr MiniCards

The homepage text says it best: "Choose your favourite Flickr pics; make 100 different cards for $19.99; Add your personal details on the back; Share with friends!" And...just add $4.99 to ship them anywhere in the world.

Handheld Smoke Signal

Guaranteed to attract plenty of attention from the neighbors, nothing says "look at me" more than waving one of these at the holiday picnic. And it's orange. So we like it.

Bullitt starring Steve McQueen

A Core77 all-time favorite! Give the gift of this 1968 classic San Franciscan crime thriller. Make sure to send a link to our Studio Bullitts with every one of these you give out!