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Doll Duster

A fitting start! Tom Butch's beyond-witty feather doll duster will add some serious glamour to your day-to-days. Handcrafted by Tom, you may even want to keep this inside your collectibles display case—but then what would you clean the glass with?!


We're not crazy about executive desk accessories, but this hoursglass is a looker. And black sand? Now THIS is a designer gift item!

Travel Thread Kit


Beyond brilliant. Pack this thread kit, and when you need a repair, simply pull out the shade that matches what you require. There are 8 strands per color, 21 colors in total. No spools ever.

(If you're the kind of designer who wants to crawl into bed when you spot something awesome you wish you designed, sorry to put this so close to the top. And nighty night.)

Bubble Scrubber

Ideal for the neat freaks dearest to your heart, sure, but it's also a sneaky way to get your fun-loving/good-for-nothing roommate to do the damn dishes!

Manufactured Landscapes DVD

Jennifer Baichwal travels with Edward Burtynsky as he photographs huge industrial incursions in China. A remarkable film, and a must-see for designers of all stripes. (Listen to the Core77 Broadcast with the two of them here)

OGO sport

A smart hybrid between Frisbee and paddleball, this addictive game will have you jumping around the yard 'til they call you for dinner. (For those of you who like it by the numbers, you can launch a ball with this thing 150 feet!) Learn more and watch videos at ogosport.com. Truly suitable for all ages.

Modern Gingerbread House

$78 (extra $1)
Very nice to look at. Too modern to eat.


For the (mechanical) people you love who love to eat on the job, wrenchware is the way to go. 18/10 polished stainless steel, we're going to assume these are dishwasher-, and garage bay-safe.

Ghetto Flash Drive

$4.95 + ???
How many 256mb CF cards do you have laying around? Put them to use as ad-hoc flash drives.

Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps, 2-Pack

If the name"forearm forklift lifting straps" weren't enough to sell you, the utility really should. And with a weight capacity of 600 pounds per pair (tested at 2,720 pounds), we're not saying you could lift a baby grand with these things, but we're not saying you couldn't either.

Paper snowflake instructions

We blogged this item last year, and have personally made several of them to never-ending oohs and aahs. Use silvery blue paper if you got it, but just about any stock will sparkle. Start with 8.5 x 11's, then work your way up!

Naoto Fukasawa Monograph

One of the most inspiring design books of the year. (Read our review here.)

Dancing Robots

$4.95 for two of 'em!
Okay, two of them for $4.95? What are you waiting for?

Donation to Kiva.org

$77 (or less, or lots more!)
Even the smallest donation will help an aspiring entrepreneur in a developing country to realize a dream. Check out the cornucopia of success stories—they'll make you want to take part right away. (Also take a look at Kiva Chronicles at socialedge.org)

line weight kit

Total cost: $64.83
A good ID student can never have enough pens and markers with varied line weights. Get this kit together and make sure your favorite industrial designer-to-be is equipped and ready to draw! 12-packs of Pilot Razor Points ($15.99), PaperMate Flairs ($15.49), Sharpie Bold Points ($11.49), and Sharpie Fine Points ($13.29) won't leave 'em inkless and those classic Ticonderoga #2's ($11.99/72 pack) will make for perfect underlay sketches. Plus you've gotta keep them sharp with a handy sharpener ($3.29) and don't leave out the 4-pack of erasers ($3.29) because, well, everyone makes mistakes.

Agent Provocateur Parfum

If the lacy stuff is too expensive, you can still dazzle her with Agent Provocateur Perfume. (Or set the mood with the Strip scented candle for $40). Unbelievably nice scent either way.

GTD SupaPak

There nothing like an economy pack of Post-It notes and David Allen's GTD classic, Getting Things Done, to get even the most slackerish of slackers started on maximizing productivity. The giant pencil, used for writing notes on the Post-Its, is too large to lose and a lifetime supply of cookies make for fantastic prizes at the end of each accomplished task (no cheating!).

"House Cheese" sponge by Atypyk

It's a sponge shaped like cheese—great for cheese and sponge lovers alike. Looks cool, probably tastes awful.

Flickr Pro

This one's easy for those last-minute, no-time-to-shop or wrap situations. The photography enthusiast will appreciate this more and more, as the months (and photos) add up. And, dude. It's 25 bucks. Technically, you should be giving 3 of 'em!

Fully Committed ID Tattoo

$77 (at least!)
Okay, we definitely think you should spend more than 77 bucks on a tattoo (depending on complexity, of course), but we like the spirit of the Craftsman Tool on the forearm. And if you're 100% fully-committed, then this 77 on the neck is a nice touch. (No Photoshop here, honest.) Almost no commitment? Try this.

Modern Classics Alphabet Poster

The difference between design school students and other college students is that they'd much prefer a poster like this over the Heineken one that Steve stole from that dive bar down the street.

Sportscope Cubicle Periscope

I spy with my periscoped eye you playing Minesweeper you lazy bastard!

Gill Championsip Texting Gloves (Nee Sailing Gloves)

Thumb and index finger holes so you can tap out messages while keeping hands warm! Hi-perfomance anti-slip material in the palm will keep you from dropping calls, literally!

ZipCar Membership

+/- $75 for signup and membership $10/hr after
ZipCar Ocassional Driving Plan (One Year Membership) for citydwellerz. Your car-less friends will appreciate a few IKEA trips in a ZipCar as opposed to hauling two Tröggmöggs and a Flärn all the way home on the bus. *picture: rideforclimate.com

Gakken Cup Phonograph Kit in Edison-style

Turn a plastic cup into a phonograph! Kit includes everything you need—motor, battery box, plastic cups, and a needle. We want this ourselves!

Hand Boilers

A classic from old novelty stores, hand boilers are the best! Hold the bottom snugly in your palm and watch the liquid boil up through the glasswork. Forever fascinating, and you can't beat the price.

Noa's Calendar

Wordsmiths, Scrabble junkies, and English teachers will flip their dictionaries over this clever calendar.