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$19 (boxed set of 2)

These throwing star magnets are perfect for any metallic surface. Post notes on your fridge door, or make your mark wherever you feel outnumbered. Each star has twin powerful magnets for a strong grip. 2 magnets are included inside an authentic ninja-styled shuriken box. LINK

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We found this item in Ljubljana last month, did a double-take (how did they get that straw through the bottle?!) and basically fell in love. Use the BottleBob device to pierce a perfectly-sized round hole in any soda or beer bottle cap, insert a straw, and voila! A super-unique way to drink soda, impress your friends, and flummox magicians! Great for event-planners, of course, or anyone who wants to add a special effect to their classic soda. Limited supply. LINK

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Felt pocket goodness will keep your cash and plastic cozy; ivory herringbone elastic loop will keep 'em safe. (Ironic form factor thrown in for free.) LINK

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For the hardcore teenage gamer who's got it all, or the overly-nostalgic single GenXer (might not get these past the spouse after all), a set of these awesome, re-positionable wall-stickers will make a great gift. You can faithfully recreate your favorite levels or go crazy and make new ones. Choose from Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers and the New Super Mario Brothers. LINK

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Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Every family has at least one conspiracy theorist who'll enjoy stealthily surfing the internet--even on unsecured wireless hot spots--with this military-grade encrypted flash drive. Bonus: It has a built-in "Self Destruct Sequence" if someone tries to hack or physically tamper with the device. Three, two, one... LINK

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As irresistibly lickable as the Ring Pops of our youth, these faceted rings are shaped by CCA grad Orfeo Quagliata. Forget the cubic zirconia; nothing says "I love you" like glass. LINK

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It probably doesn't qualify as "universal design," but this sure looks like fun. And if you're ambitious, you can shoot a video of yourself spinning this thing around over your head then watch it in slow motion while chowing down with your favorite Marie's Salad Dressing. Wii Fit, eat your heart out. LINK

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Not since last year's Travel Thread Kit have we been so enthralled with a piece of needlecraft-based design. (Stumped for ideas? Sew double 7's!) LINK

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Less than $77 for a minimal setup

Forget yourself Mr. Fixie. Give us a break. LINK

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Ian Connacher's epic film follows his journey while coming to grips with the ubiquity and consequences of polymer culture. If you're a designer or a design educator, this is required watching. (Obligatory "Frequently Bought Together" joke here.) LINK

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Tempted by the forbidden? Hearing whispers from the green fairy? Might want to indulge in style: Pontarlier Plain Glass + Absinthe Spoon #15 + Absinthe Sugar Cubes.

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$6.56 - 19.95

Don't fight us over the team selection--they're all available for your purchase pleasure. Hell, we'll even coin-toss you for it! LINK

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Beautifully-crafted, well-designed posters with strong typography and a thing for British heritage. LINK

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Don't be deterred by their retirement home looks; once you put a pair of TOMS on, your feet will never allow you to take them off. And for every pair you buy, a child who needs shoes gets a pair, too. So buy 20. LINK

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We know, we know, you don't smoke! But if you did, you could smoke inside any room of this concrete structure--a rarity in these smoke-free times. (Great desk organizer if you've already kicked the habit.) LINK

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Vince Leo's Amazon review snippet says it best: "Even with all that information, The Craftsman comes down to a belief: that craft isn't about things but about values, not about superior skill but about doing a job well for its own sake. Think of it as a theory of sustainable labor in the age of hyper-capitalism." LINK

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Because we don't know what looks lamer: chain grease on your pant leg or those neon green Velcro straps. LINK

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'Tis the season to share and care, and it's easy when you can help people one at a time. One by One helps in the fight to end Fistula, a devastating childbirth injury. LINK

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Perfect for the bathroom, of course, but you could probably get away with this in any room of the house. LINK

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Each of Tiffany Threadgould's ReMake It! Recycling kits will put a smile on your face, but our favorite is this item for turning old magazines into new stationery. Don't forget to write. LINK

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People can never remember the number, so here it is: 1.61803399. LINK

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Nicely references the old flash cube, of course, but we love the comment at Gizmodo the best: "At $11 its $11 more expensive than cropping." LINK

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The ubiquity of Moleskine can be fought with this limited edition patent leather number. And in red. Yowza. LINK

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It's tough to pick our favorite iPhone app these days--there are just so many of them, spanning to do lists to Canadian slang translation to astronomy to pharmacology. So we'll go with one that pays homage to a beloved video game of the past: Tempest. Vector Blaster, with its clever controls and vintage sound effects will make a nice addition to your app collection, and if you're a real vector freak, go ahead and download Missile Command while you're at it. And use headphones on that one--the explosions are very impressive. LINK

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$40 microfiber (w/ wood box), $50 silk, (w/ wood box)
' 25_ties.jpg

The original Ties That Don't Suck. Hand-screenprinted neckwear in a premium wood gift-packaging that's Forest Stewardship Council certified. The TieLab manufactured a maligned accessory in a maligned city, quietly hoping to turn around the perception of both to one of subversive enjoyment. LINK

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Ten bucks and a hundred and twenty-eight pages or forty thousand bucks and three years of school. You do the math. LINK