Hand Eye Supply

A Vocational Haberdashery/Supply Store for Creative Activities, Core77's Portland, Oregon retail flagship features hard-to-find Workwear, Supplies, Tools, Books and Gifts for creative-types, with a line-up of basic tools of creative work, high-quality tools and fabrication implements, and a wide variety of task-specific clothing made for the shop or studio.


Start your summer projects with Core77's Hand-Eye Supply

tiny size Mopha Tool Roll $38.00 tiny size Gedore Hammerable Wrench $40.00 tiny size Klein Tools Dual Purpose Hacksaw $31.68 tiny size Gedore Pocket Knife $38.00 tiny size Craft Foam Scroll Table Kit $60.00 tiny size Arrow Hammer Tacker $51.99 tiny size Gedore Engineer's Hammer $35.00 tiny size Rite in the Rain All Weather Black Trekker Pen $20.95 tiny size General Tools Carpenter's Square $46.48 tiny size Elemen'tary Wooden Screwdrivers $35.00

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