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Home Bike Shop Essential Tools and Supplies

Bike riding is more popular than ever, and if you're riding it is only a matter of time before your bike will require some maintenance or repair. Fortunately the majority of bike maintenance can be performed at home by anyone with a minimum of effort and training. Truth be told, many fixes are completed by simply lubricating a stuck part, cleaning it and wiping it down. That said, there are a few particular tools and supplies that will help you set your home shop up properly, whether you're taking care of the family bike collection or just keeping your own in top shape.

In addition to the specific items below, some general tools and supplies are helpful. These include Philips head screwdrivers (#1 and #2), slotted (flat head) screwdrivers (3/16" and 1/4"), wire snips, adjustable wrench, larger Allen wrenches (10MM and 12mm), a small needle pick tool, single edge razor blades, degreaser solution and shop rags.

For more advanced maintenance and repair you'll need to amass a collection of specialty tools, for changing bottom brackets and crank sets, swapping chains, building wheels, etc. And a good repair stand will be essential. But for someone just starting out you can wait on getting all those items and just start with the list below.

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Core77 Guides/Home Bike Shop Essential Tools and Supplies


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