2018 Core77 Conference - Now What?


You want to raise money the old-fashioned way: crowdsourcing... NOW wHat? You’ve toiled in corporate obscurity for long enough... NOW wHat? You’ve made something you truly believe in. You’d love to let the rest of the world know... NOW wHat? Getting your business off the ground shouldn’t feel like putting you under it... NOW wHat?

The 2018 Core77 Conference takes place on octoBeR 25TH in BRooKLYn NEW YoRK, and will focus on starting and running a design business, or launching your own product line. Attendees will walk away with tangible skills and toolkits to help them produce, finance and promote their products, their services, and themselves, along with a network of connections to help nurture their nerve. It will be informative, it will be honest, and it will be fun. Go on, BuY TicKeTS noW.

  • Presenters

  • Now What? Will begin with a morning of inspiring and informative talks where leaders in the field of design entrepreneurship will share their personal success stories. Our lineup of speakers comes from a wide range of backgrounds, which means no two talks will be the same—expect to start your morning off right with valuable insights into everything from design firm best practices to the key traits investors look for in startups.

  • Harry Parr
    Sam Bompas and Harry Parr of multi-sensory experience design studio, Bompas & Parr, first came to prominence through their expertise in jelly-making. Soon after, their business rapidly grew into a full-fledged creative studio offering food and drink design, brand consultancy and immersive experiences. The studio works to experiment, develop and produce projects and experiences as well as provide strategy, analysis and advice for brands to increase consumer engagement through experience design. Genre-defining projects include Alcoholic Architecture, an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic; Multi- Sensory Fireworks display for London New Year’s Eve 2013; and the Taste Experience for the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Bompas & Parr also founded the British Museum of Food, the world’s first cultural institution exclusively dedicated to food and drink, and has published six books that explore humankind’s relationship with food. The studio is based in south London but in the past year has realized projects on practically every continent.
  • Alex Daly
    Alex is the founder of Vann Alexandra, a creative services agency that gets projects financed through crowdfunding, and the industry’s “Crowdsourceress,” a name she received in the press for her expertise in the space. Her clients include Neil Young, Oscar-winning filmmakers, Pentagram designers, Eric Ries, and TLC, the best-selling female group of all time. Alex has served on panels at top film festivals, universities, and organizations, is in the class of 2016’s Forbes 30 under 30, and published her first book in Spring 2017 by PublicAffairs, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.
  • Michael DiTullo
    For more than 20 years Michael has been designing iconic products and brand experiences for some of the best brands in the world including Nike, Google, Motorola, Honda, and Hasbro. Located a block from the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, his studio focuses on industry leading halo projects across autonomous automotive, consumer electronics, travel, mobile devices, wearables, toys and conceptual Hollywood entertainment projects.
  • Alexis Houssou
    Former entrepreneur and financier, Alexis started Hardware Club in 2015 with a mission to support the best hardware startups worldwide using collaboration and network effects. Through its unique $30M community-based fund, Hardware Club invests in hardware startups in Europe and in the US at seed stage. Alexis took part in launching several novel initiatives like the Hello Tomorrow Summit and the accelerator The Family. He also sits on the boards of companies including Remedee Labs, Reach Robotics, Aryballe and Keecker. Passionate about how tech can create an impact on communities, Alexis regularly mentors startups in various programs including Techstars and StartupBootCamp.
    HAWRAF is an interactive design and technology studio that engages audiences in new and interesting ways. Co-founded by Carly Ayres, Andrew Herzog, Pedro Sanches & Nicky Tesla, the studio is full-service and media agnostic, covering branding, design, development, marketing, and execution. From sound-reactive identity systems for orchestras to mirrored selfie posters for dental startups, HAWRAF helps their clients have more meaningful, authentic interactions with their audiences.
  • Visibility
    Visibility is an industrial design office based in New York City. It was founded by Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab in 2012. Their work has been internationally recognized and exhibited, gaining the office such honors as Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and Fast Company’s Innovation by Design. The office focuses on the purity of an idea, as well as its material and formal actualities. The constant ambition is to move forward while looking back, drawing on observation and innovation as instruments of development. Visibility aims to distill ideas to what they want to be, retaining what appeals to our human sensibilities.
  • Jamie Wolfond
    Jamie is a Canadian designer based in Toronto and New York. His work explores the ways in which manufacturing can influence the design process. Often centered around one material or production method, the objects Jamie designs expose new applications for pre-existing manufacturing techniques. Jamie founded Good Thing in 2014.
  • Paco Arizmendi
    Paco is the Events Director at FreshBooks. He spends most of his time travelling around North America meeting with small business owners and sharing a little bit of the FreshBooks love with them. Paco is the co-creator and lead of the #imakealiving speaker series; an event that fosters conversations and support for small business owners and entrepreneur communities across North America. He has met and interacted with more than 10,000 business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, helping them have better control of their accounting and finances.
  • Craighton Berman
    Craighton is a designer, illustrator, educator and creator that simply loves bringing ideas to life—both for clients and as self-directed projects. His illustration work combines design-thinking and napkin-sketching to yield a unique form of concept-driven storytelling. Craighton is also the founder & creative director of Manual, a home goods brand that creates products for slow living. Craighton has work in the the Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection, was the first designer ever to use Kickstarter to launch a product, and taught "design entrepreneurship" at the University of Illinois at Chicago and design sketching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Emily Cohen
    A brutally honest consultant, Emily has been honored to work with many leading design firms across the country. Through these experiences, she has developed, tested, and curated key business insights and strategies that have helped firms become more effective, profitable, and fun to work at. Emily conducts strategic business retreats and provides confidential, best-practice insights and advice on staff, client, and process-management strategies. She loves sharing her expertise through speaking engagements, online courses, and in her new book, Brutally Honest: No Bullshit Business Strategies to Evolve Your Creative Business.
  • Floyd
    Floyd is a Detroit-based, direct-to-consumer furniture brand that designs and manufactures high-quality pieces at an attainable price point. Co-founded by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell in 2014, the company is committed to creating lasting pieces, versus the all-too-common practice of buying inexpensive furniture to only then dispose of it when moving into a new home. With same-day delivery in key markets, all products ship flat pack, directly to consumers’ doorsteps, without any fees. With easy, intuitive assembly, and each piece can be put together and taken apart with ease. The furniture is designed to be timeless and is built in American factories from high quality materials, translating into a beautiful design that can go anywhere.
More Presenters to be Announced
  • Workshops

  • After lunch, we will break out into two hour-long workshop sessions led by seasoned professionals from the Core77 community. Each workshop will hone in on a specific topic—from personal branding to crowdfunding—and will transform ideas introduced in the morning into actionable strategies that can be put to use immediately.

  • The 20 Year Plan
    Michael DiTullo
    Time TBD
    Most people tell you to make a 3-5 year plan, Michael DiTullo says "F* that, make a 20 year plan!". In this workshop Michael will talk about his long term plan to start a successful creative agency that includes career planning, personal brand building, and making a successful and smooth transition from moonlighting to running your own shop. Whether you want to start a consulting business or start your own brand, be prepared to see into the future by building out your timeline in this interactive talk.
  • Life After Launch: How to Continue Keeping Your Audience Excited & Engaged
    Alex Daly
    Time TBD
    Alex Daly’s promotional work in the crowdfunding space has collectively earned companies over $20 million dollars in funding and has recently expanded her PR offerings to companies looking for promotional help after hitting their financing goal with the launch of Daly PR. In this workshop, Daly will share case studies from her work at Vann Alexandra and Daly PR to demonstrate how to build your own annual promotional plan that will help continue the hype for your brand and get attention from your most desired audience.
  • Kickstarter Project Jam
    Craighton Berman
    Time TBD
    This Kickstarter Project Jam will be a mix of a "how to" for independent product development and launch as well as a share session for peer feedback. Attendees who are already working on a creative project will get the feedback and direction they need to take the next step forward towards launch (bring visuals or mock-ups to share!). Attendees who are not yet committed to a specific project will get a good sense of the whole process and inspiration from participating in the group critique.
  • Accounting 101: Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants
    Paco Arizmendi
    Time TBD
    In this fun workshop, Paco will walk you through the basic principles of accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses, the ins and outs of invoicing, expense tracking, online platforms that will save you time and money and why your accountant is as important as your doctor or lawyer. Take control of your business finances without falling asleep in the process.
  • Best Practices Any Design Firm Should Know
    Emily Cohen
    Time TBD
    Are you curious what other design firms do to succeed? After working with hundreds of leading creative/design teams over the years, Emily has curated and compiled an evolving list of smart business strategies that define successful firms. This session highlights those top business practices across different areas including organizational structures, staffing strategies, pricing, client and project management, marketing, and new business development.
More Workshops to be Announced
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  • In addition to the full day programming, all tickets include an invitation to Wednesday night's informal kickoff party. *Please Note: All ticket sales are non-refundable.

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  • Location

  • thE LocatioN: A/d/o
    Now What? takes place at the beautiful A/D/O in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A/D/O is a space created for designers that features communal workspaces, an installation-filled patio, a tastefully-curated design boutique, the world-renowned restaurant and cafe, Norman, and a community of creative thinkers and doers.
  • ACCComodAtIonS
    There are several hotels within walking distance of A/D/O. We recommend the Franklin Guest House, The McCarren Hotel & Pool, The William Vale, and The Wythe Hotel are all excellent options.
  • GEttInG tHERE
    A/D/O is accessible via public transportation using the Nassau Avenue stop on the G line or the Bedford Avenue stop on the L line.
  • A/d/o
    29 norMan Ave
    Brooklyn, ny 11222
A / D / O
  • Schedule

  • Join Core77 and our design community for a full day of presentations and workshops located at A/D/O in Brooklyn. After filling our brains with knowledge during the day, we’ll gather back together for an exciting keynote presentation before our closing party, conveniently located a few steps away in A/D/O’s main room and installation-filled garden patio.

      • 8:30 AM
        Doors Open
      • 9:30AM — 12:15AM
        Morning sessions
      • 12:15PM — 2:00PM
        Lunch break
      • 2:00PM — 5:30PM
        Afternoon workshops
      • 5:30PM — 8:00PM
        Cocktail and Networking Reception
  • Sponsors

  • Now What? is generously supported by the following companies and organizations:

The 2018 Core77 Conference takes place on octoBeR 25TH in BRooKLYn NEW YoRK, and will focus on starting and running a design business, or launching your own product line. Attendees will walk away with tangible skills and toolkits to help them produce, finance and promote their products, their services, and themselves, along with a network of connections to help nurture their nerve. It will be informative, it will be honest, and it will be fun. Go on, BuY TicKeTS noW.
The 2018 Core77 Conference takes place on octoBeR 25TH in BRooKLYn NEW YoRK, and will focus on starting and running a design business, or launching your own product line. Attendees will walk away with tangible skills and toolkits to help them produce, finance and promote their products, their services, and themselves, along with a network of connections to help nurture their nerve. It will be informative, it will be honest, and it will be fun. Go on, BuY TicKeTS noW.

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