Founded in 1990 by David Rice (at right) and currently under the executive directorship of Shauna Stallworth (at left) The Organization of Black Designers has over 3500 members who are leading professionals in

Purpose of OBD

The Organization of Black Designers was formed as an attempt to develop a greater awareness within the various design disciplines, of the presence and lack of Blacks. We see the design process as the common denominator in all of the various disciplines. To us the design process is the activity of developing adequate methodologies for the defining of problem parameters and the structuring of viable entities which transform the "problem" into a harmonic capable of being integrated into a dynamic whole.

By our multi-discipline approach, we hope to develop a matrix capable of generating spontaneous internal syntheses which will result in alternative ways of viewing human problems. In doing this, one is compelled to develop a new definition of man. And through that definition, a new perception of the design reality.

It is the purpose of OBD to encourage and actively promote the highest standards of ethics in the offering of professional services by its members. OBD is dedicated to opening and exploring new directions in design, to expanding the horizons and the influences of the designer, to introducing new ideas and techniques in the accomplishment of professional duties.

OBD constantly strives to contribute to the advancement of well-being, culture and satisfaction of the total environment of humanity.

Through its programs of education and award competition, OBD endeavors to improve and strengthen the quality of work of each of its members, as well as the profession as a whole.

Finally, OBD pledges its full attention to enhancing the worldwide recognition and status of its membership of creative professionals.

The goals of OBD are