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Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  28 Jul 2014  |  Comments (2)


Although the perennial buzz around 3D printing has yet to materialize into a proper industrial revolution, the increasingly powerful technology has gained some traction in the medical world, where customizability and on-site availability trump the constraints of cost and scale. It may come as no surprise, then, that one of the 2014 Core77 Design Awards honorees that caught our eye was developed by a previous winner, whose work we'd covered as far back as 2010, before the the inaugural awards program.

This time around, Scott Summit took Professional Runner Up in the Social Impact category with the EKSO personal exoskeleton, a mecha-like medical device at the intersection of robotics, rehabilitation and digital fabrication. As a replacement for a wheelchair, the device has the potential to revolutionize mobility for paraplegic individuals.


Summit shares credit with Gustavo Fricke, 3D Systems and Ekso Bionics, all of whom worked together to print parts that connect a person to their robot as naturally and respectively as possible. "This is an unusual design effort on every front," designer Scott Summit says. "We had challenges with the technical details, since these are massive files, and almost entirely organic, but very precise. It's also very tricky to scan a paralyzed person, and expect the data to be exactly as desired. We found that even the slightest detail could lead to dangerous bruising." All of that considered, the prototypes have been met with a great response. The test pilot loves it so much, she wants to use it all of the time. But like many of these things go, the team has to wait until the design is FDA certified to be worn daily.


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  28 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)


Perennially the most popular—and competitive—category of the Core77 Design Awards, Consumer Products encompasses everything from health and wellness to comfort and convenience. If you didn't catch the announcement of the Consumer Products winners back in June (live from our first annual Core77 Conference, no less), here's a closer look at the honorees, along with comments from the jury team led by Johan Liden.

As always, this year's honorees represent a full range of forward-thinking and noteworthy products released in 2013, for which mass market appeal is as much a criteria as the incremental innovations behind these objects. In fact, each of these products represents an upgrade from the average, unremarkable things that you might use everyday to the rarefied canon of products that you actually enjoy using.


Professional Winner: SOMA Water Filter and Carafe, by Moreless & Radius Product Development

It's a simple yet powerful premise: That a humble water carafe might serve as a centerpiece for a kitchen or dining room. Moreless and Radius Product Development rose to the challenge and developed the SOMA Water Filter and Carafe for that very purpose. Here's what the jury had to say: "SOMA is just as much about presentation as it is about purification. While other filtration pitchers may be intended to live on the dinner table, SOMA is the first one that belongs there... When you see it you ask yourself 'Why hasn't anyone done this before?', which we felt is at the heart of great design."

» Learn more about the SOMA Water Filter and Carafe


Student Winner: Stack, by Mugi Yamamoto

It's easy to see why Mugi Yamamoto's compact inkjet printer earned the praise of designers, including the jury team. Stack sits atop a column of paper and works its way down. The jury appreciated the transparency behind the work: "We loved the deconstruction and reductive thinking of an otherwise clunky, dated device and it's ability to solve for some real world pain points—imagine always knowing if the printer has paper in it!"

» Learn more about Stack


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  20 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


We'd like to give a big thank you to all of the jurors, entrants, honorees and viewers for helping make this one of the best Core77 Design Awards to date! To top off this exciting week of live announcements, we have an impressive jury team that hails from the pages (web and print) of Gizmodo, Metropolis, The New York Times and Fast Company, among many other publications. Follow along as Jury Captain Alissa Walker, Jade Chang and Margaret Wappler (joined in spirit by Carolina A. Miranda) walk us through their winners for the Writing & Commentary category live from Los Angeles, California:

Winner: Aileen Kwun - Arts and Letters
Runner-up: Eric Heiman - (Re)Brand USA
» "What the pack?" Media Project - Tsaritsyno Reloaded
» Chappell Ellison - You'll Never Guess the Amazing Ways Online Design Writing and Criticism Has Changed

Winner: Ian Besler - Super Models: Or Some Scale Models I'd like to Know
Runner-up: Nicola Mitchell - Open Source, Communication and Collaboration
Notable: Oscar Pipson - Transitional Spaces


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  20 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Day five of the Core77 Design Awards is quickly coming to a close. After a week full of impressive designs and jury members, we've only got one more category (Writing & Commentary) to follow-up with after we hear from the current category in the spotlight: Transportation. Join Cadillac's Christine Pak and Jeff Nield, RTT USA's Curtis Evey and Curb Industry's Alan Macey as they share this program's winners:

Winner: Basten Leijh - Sandwichbikes
Runner-up: Paul Wylde - New JetBlue Airbus A321 Cabin Interior Design
Notable: Alon Karpman - The "Hanzo" Dropthrough Wingtail

Winner: Martin Skogholt Hansen / Mikael Johansen - The Future of Offshore Supply
» Apurba Pawar - Link 500: Concept Railtrack Layer
» Maxime DEPECKER - La Bicyclette
» Alexander Turesson - Rescue R-01
» Guillermo Callau / Federico Ferreyra / Mariano Filippini / Fermin Indavere SUDACA TEAM - SUDACA/Electric Vehicle


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  20 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Continuing our last day of Core77 Design Awards live announcements, we have the Educational Initiatives jury—as led by Charlie Cannon, Associate Professor of Industrial Design at RISD and Chief Design Officer at EPIC Decade—live from RISD in Providence, Rhode Island and ready to share their favorite work. Joining Cannon on the jury team are Damien Ewens, CEO at Achievery; Adrienne Gagnon, Founder and Executive Director at DownCity Design; and Mickey Ackerman, Chief Design Strategist at Business Innovation Factory. Tune in below:

Winner: Media Design Practices (MDP) Core Faculty - Media Design Practices/Lab+Field Curriculum Redesign
» Design for America - Design for America Process Guide
» The Center for Urban Pedagogy - City Studies
» Ilana Ben-Ari / Twenty One Toys - A Toy for Empathy
» Makeshift - Appropriate Technology
» Yestermorrow / UMass Semester in Sustainable Design/Build - Carton House
» Commonstudio - D3 Toolkits: Teen Empowerment Through Design
» Core Studies ncad - ncad Folio Brief
» Ritika Mathur - Little Treasures
» KBL Studio / Brandway - Einhorn 21st Century Studio


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  20 Jun 2014


Welcome to the last day of the 2014 Core77 Design Awards live announcements! To bring us into the final stretch, we have Naihan Li, Founder of Naihan Li & Co and Ben Hughes, Founder of A4-Studios to share the honorees from the Furniture & Lighting category. They were joined on the jury team by Isabelle Pascal, Founder of Wuhao, and Wu Xuesong, President of Sinocrane Group China.

Winner: Steelcase Design / Glen Oliver Lowe - Gesture
Runner-up: Jean Marie Massuad - Lightwing
» Martin Keen - Mobis Leaning Seat
» Keter kids development team - Multi Dine High Chair
» Karim Rashid - Newform Hook Desk
» Yves Behar / fuseproject - PUBLIC Office Landscape
» Matthias Pinkert - Lamp RIMA
» Patricio Ortiz / Planitia - Hexalampara

Winner: Youmin Vincent Kim - SOAK Charging Side Table
Runner-up: Brian Pughe / Conor Brown - Dynamik Standing Desk
» Andy Zhou - Plus Pendant
» Ming Kong - Foamy Wood No.3
» So Eun Choi - Flippo
» April Tapley - Lemonair Decor Headboard
» Karl Frederik Scholz - Buoy
» Sebastian Aumer - EGGO!
» Brett Mellor - The Morgan Felt Folding Stool


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  19 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Closing out the second-to-last day of Core77 Design Awards announcement is the Interiors & Exhibitions jury team with this year's line-up of honorees live from the Core77 Conference. Watch as Front Studio's Michi Yanagishita and Yen Ha, EFGH's Hayley Eber and Gizmodo/BLDGBLOG's Geoff Manuagh walk us through their decisions. (Local Project's Jake Barton was also on the judging team, but is not included in the live broadcast). Make sure to tune in tomorrow for the last day of announcements for this year's program!

Winner: Volume Inc. with Studio Terpeluk - Sustainability Treehouse
» HouMinn Practice - Breaking the Mold
» Marc O Riain (CIT) / Neil Tobin (RKD) - Architecture Factory
» C&G Partners - Against The Odds: American Jews & The Rescue of Refugees 1933-1941
» Carter LeAmon - Melbourne Now Design Wall
» INABA Inc. - Red Bull Music Academy
» Volume Inc. - Western Gallery
» Rockwell Group - Shinola
» IDEO - Edison: An interactive light installation for Joie de Vivre Hotels
» Tellart & Google Creative Lab - The Binoculars

Winner: Chris Natt - Blastproof
Runner-up: Tanya Shukstelinsky - Cocoon


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  19 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


We're excited to kick off the fourth day of our Core77 Design Awards live announcements with two live announcements from our inaugural Core77 Conference! First up, we've got the Consumer Products jury—presented by Johan Liden and Brett Tom of Aruliden, joined by Josh Morenstein of Branch, Isabelle Olsson of Google X and Wyatt A. Cline of Newell-Rubbermaid in judging—ready to share their favorite work from this year's program:

Winner: Radius - SOMA Water Filtering and Carafe
Runner-up: IDEO - Brooks C17 Cambium Saddle
» Box Clever - Clip Card Reader
» FiftyThree Design Team - Pencil by FiftyThree

Winner: Mugi Yamamoto - Stack
Runner-up: Simon Fredriksson - Ventum
» Alex Hubbell - Wire for Wire
» Hui-Wen Wang and Kasia Burzynska - Respire


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  18 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


This year's Visual Communication jury has worked on the staffs of numerous consumer publications—from InStyle and Creative Review to Vancouver Magazine and Azure—to which we say, what better group to introduce this year's program honorees? Listen in as Marian Bantjes (Jury Captain), Dr. Shelley Gruendler and Vancouver Magazine's Mark Mushet and Paul Roelofs report on the 2014 Core77 Design Awards winners from Vancouver, Canada:

Winner: Valentina D'Efilippo - The Infographic History of the World
» Studio Matthews - Bezos Center for Innovation
» Hello Design - Herman Miller Collection
» aruliden - AM, A Movement Against Screen Schmutz
» Gustavo Piqueira - Memória Militante Collection
» Gustavo Piqueira - Brazilian Clichés (Clichês Brasileiros)
» The Center for Urban Pedagogy and IntraCollaborative - Rent Regulation Rights
» Melcher Media and Headcase Design - S.
» Pentagram - New York City Beaches
» Nick Adam / Matthew Wizinsky - Archive13: Ritual Posters
» Elizabeth Ward - EXP CAL YYYY Calendar Poster
» SapientNitro - Hatch 53: Datastronomy

Winner: Young JooTak - LAXART MUSEUM
Runner-up: 512stew - 512stew
» Chloe Scheffe - Oded Ezer Lecture Posters
» Justin Bechard - Gauthier & Nolet Architects Identity
» Valentine Mayuran Emmanuel - 1daywaste
» Youngeun Sohn - Christopher's Room


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  18 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


We've seen an impressive list of honorees thus far in this year's Core77 Design Awards live announcements, and we have several more to come over the next couple of days. Here are the winners, runners up and notables in the Social Impact category, selected by jury captain Nille Juul-Sørensen of Danish Design Centre, and his jury, Tania Ellis and Naima Yasin (The Social Business Company), Anand Vengurlekar (Stoic) and Vinay Venkatraman Leapcraft). Tune in below as Juul-Sørensen shares the Social Impact honorees:

Winner: Sam Rulli / Xylem Essence of Life - Saajhi Stepping Pump
» Gustavo Fricke / Scott Summit / 3D Systems / Ekso Bionics - 3D Printed Personal Ekso
» Anupam Pathak / John Redmond / Michael Allen - A Self Stabilizing Spoon for Hand Tremors

Winner: Christian Bremer & Erik Ohlson - Walter—Alter the Wheelchair
» Migle Padegimaite / Lina Trulsson / Darja Wendel / Emily Keller - Remind—Music for Memory
» Scott E Forsythe - Additio Prosthetic Tool System


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  18 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


To announce the winners of the Packaging category, we've got a team live from Stockholm, Sweden. Follow along with jury captain Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström (NINE AB) and her hand-picked jury members Fredrik Öst (SNASK) and Charlotte Von Der Lancken (Front)—fourth jury member Mårten Knutsson (Family Business) wasn't available for the live announcement—as they share their thoughts on this year's honorees:

» Metaphase Design Group, Inc / Anheuser-Busch InBev / DCA - Budweiser Bowtie Can with Crown Tab
» Uneka - Google Chromebook 11
» Uneka - Anki Drive
» Gabriel Collins - Folia
» Ziba Design - Modal Packaging Line for Best Buy
» Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc. - EVH | 35 Limited Edition Packaging

Winner: Jeongdae Kim - Fortune Pill
» Muli bazak - Spacklit, Smart Innovative Packaging Solution for Spackling Compound
» Lauren HIll - Battement Cosmetics
» SanPak Ng - Exercise Ball Set
» Jean Bolliger Wilczek - Packaged Intangibles
» Lucy Plant - KNEAD
» Teo Kean Loong - Mindful Sustenance
» Ja Young Min - nuts.


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  17 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Live from Santa Monica, California, we're ready to bring you the honorees from this year's Interaction category. Aaron Siegel, Head of Interaction and Online Experience at Fabrica, led this year's jury team in search of the most interactive designs in this year's haul. See what Siegel—along with Electroland Co-Founder Damon Seeley, Directed Play Founder and Visual Strategist at NASA JPL Dan Goods and Founder of City Innovation Group Christine Outram—had to say about this year's entries:

Winner: Angelo Semeraro / Davide Cairo - Sadly By Your Side
» Pentagram / MIT Senseable Lab - Makr Shakr
» Second Story - 100 Years of Design
» Tellart & Google Creative Lab - The Binoculars
» Registration & Ticketing Team - The Eventbrite Reserved Seating, Seat Designer
» SonoSite Experience Design Team - SonoSite X-Porte

Winner: Tangible Media Group - inFORM: A Dynamic Shape Display
» Megan Chiou, Alfredo Sandes, and Kunal Chawla - Tink
» Kathryn McElroy / Joseph Weissgold - Loop: Directional Haptic Feedback Accessory
» Joakim Bergbom / Taís Mauk / Júlia Nacsa / Yedan Qian - Angl°
» Sylvain Joly / Emilie Tappolet - IDNA: Spatial Storytelling
» Miha Feus - The Haptic Drive
» Peter Buczkowski - Mogli


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  17 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


The Speculative Category of the Core77 Design Awards always includes several gems among the honorees, and this year was no exception. Tune in as Oron Catts of SymbioticA shares the winners, which he selected with the help of his jury team: Zack Denfeld of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy & CoClimate, Dr. Laura Beloff of the IT University in Copenhagen and Robert Foster of F!nk & Co.:

» Ai Hasegawa - I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin
» Studio PSK - Parasitic Products
» Marcelo Coelho / Skylar Tibbits - Hyperform
» Priestmangoode - World View
» Artefact - Dialog
» Dejan Orlac - Modular Recycling
» Dave Hakkens - Phonebloks
» Robert Meurer - Melihat
» frog - NYC BEACON

Winner: Jacob Brancasi / Betsy Kalven - WHEREABOUTS
» Faustine Lavorel - Svál'bard
» John Ryan - Declarations of Interdependence
» CoSpec - Meat Up
» Western Washington University Sr ID - Communication, Assisting and Advancing Listening
» Jurrian Tjeenk Willink - Embodying Empathic Expressiveness
» Simon Crane / Julian Goulding - Synthetic Anatomy
» Public Design Workshop - Drones for Foraging
» blond & bieber / Essi Johanna Glomb & Rasa Weber - Algaemy, Crafting Our Future Food
» Dionysia Mylonaki - Voice Booth
» Shu Yang Lin / Priyanka Kodikal - Griphint
» Austin Houldsworth - Walden Note-Money


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  17 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


From co-founding cycling magazines and participating in performance arts to ladder-climbing interns and environmental chemistry educations, our Soft Goods jury comes from all edges of the work world. For today, they're coming together to share their favorite designs from this year's program. Listen in as Carl Moriarty—Design Director for Apparel at Arc'teryx Equipment—and Industrial Designer Mike Wilson step us through the jury's favorite designs:

Winner: Ziba Design - SAM Medical Junctional Tourniquet
Runner-up: Skyline Exhibits - Skyline Windscape
» Arctic Zone - Arctic Zone Self Inflating Cooler
» Melinda Young - Tool Lodge Drawer Organizer

Winner: Stephanie Knödler - eQu, Therapeutic Riding Saddle for Disabled Children Focused on Children with Cerebral Palsy
Runner-up: Increment - O-rings
» Joakim Bergbom / Taís Mauk / Júlia Nacsa / Yedan Qian - Angl°
» Lou Moria - Jacket for the Urban Gatherer


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  17 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Welcome to Day Two of the Core77 Design Awards live announcements! Yesterday, we were introduced to the winners from the Food Design, Strategy & Research, Equipment and DIY categories. We're ready to share the honorees from the Service category, as lead by Tennyson Pinheiro, Designer, Founder and CEO of Livework; João Batista Ferreira, Head of Institutional Relations at EISE - The School for Service Innovation, Brazil; Mauricio Manhães, Design Researcher at Livework Brazil; and Mario Fioretti, Industrial Design and Innovation Director at Whirlpool Latin America. See which designs they felt served best:

Winner: M&M - The Damda
» PillPack - PillPack, Pharmacy Simplified
» CIID Consulting - Care Maps: Transforming Diabetes Care with Peer-to-Peer Support
» Continuum - Advancing Global Financial Inclusion
» Scott Shim - Your Pizza, Your Way
» Smart Blocks - Smart Blocks

Winner: Bahareh Shahriari - Kandu
Runner-up: Andreas Schuster - The Library Compass, A Strategy for Public Libraries in Times of Digitalization
» Team Catalyst - Catalyst
» Diane Seaver / Bingjie Qiu - NOMADIQ
» Team Avocado - The Merchant & Muse


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  16 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


We've got a solid team of jurors to wrap up the first day of announcements with the winning projects from the DIY category. See what the jurors—Captina Ayah Bdeir of littleBits, Limor "Ladyada" Fruit of Adafruit, Duann Scott of Shapeways and Marco Perry of Pensa—had to say about this year's entries:

Winner: Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin - NeoLucida
Runner-up: Brian Campbell - Tri-Horse
» Lutz Hornischer - Cafe Latte Stamp
» Henry Hargreaves / Caitlin Levin - Food Maps
» Sukanya Pasi - Share a Seed
» Don Arp, Jr., MA - SherpaLift
» Marcello Pirovano & Patrizia Bolzan - Stampomatica
» Digital habit(s) - Open Mirror


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  16 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


The Equipment announcements are coming to you live from Portland, Oregon, USA. Jury Captain Sohrab Vossoughi (founder of Ziba) worked with the University of Oregon's Product Design Program Director & Associate Professor, Kiersten Muenchinger; Nike's Digital Sport Director of Design, Jamian Cobbett; and SoMA's Founder and President, Stevan Wittenbrock. Check out the winners:

Winner: Pensar + Illumagear - Illumagear Halo
» Motorola Solutions Innovation & Design - DS4800 Series Bar Code Scanner
» Pensa - DIWire
» Liquid Agency - Revelar Product Design
» 3D Systems - Bespoke Division - Bespoke Bracing

Winner: Philip Nordmand Andersen - AIRGO
» Alastair Warren / Dawid Dawod - NeoNook Neonatal Infant Care
» Ilteris Ilbasan - Gerridae: Ground Sensitive Harvester
» Øystein Helle Husby / Per-Johan Sandlund / Natalia Tunheim - WARM: A Novel Non-Invasive Pre-Hospital Hypothermia Treatment Device
» Gschwandtl & Knutson - MARS 2025 ESSENTIALS
» Mariko Higaki Iwai - HeartRead
» Anton Hoffman - Moment Triage System
» Maxime Dubreucq / Robert Provó Kluit - Trompe: A Companion Elephant That Helps Premature Baby Breathe
» Dupire Diane / Coline Prevost / Léo Marzolf - Companion


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  16 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


We've got a solid line-up of winners to announce from the Strategy & Research category. Jury Captain Larry Keeley (President and Co-Founder of Doblin, Inc.) and Tomoko Ichikawa of the IIT Institute of Design are ready to share the honorees from this year's program. Also on the jury team were Jeff Semenchuk of Hyatt, Kim Erwin of the IIT Institute of Design and Todd McCullough of McCullough Partners, LLC. Tune in to the broadcast from Chicago, Illinois below:

Winner: POSSIBLE Los Angeles - Pearson Common Core System of Courses
» Aki Ishida and Lynnette Widder - Making the Giraffe Path
» Yves Behar & fuseproject - Physical Assets for Adolescent Girls
» Stryker Medical & Twisthink - Stryker Hospital Support Surfaces Brand Strategy
» Fi Scott / Make Works - Make Works Tour
» SAP | Design and Co-Innovation Center - Patient Data Explorer
» RKS - Hamilton Medical, Portable Ventilator Research

Winner: Sean Jalleh - Redesigning the Air Ambulance
» Stephanie Bhim - VisPo - Visual Poetry
» Jeongdae Kim - MLKL
» Andreas Schuster - The Library Compass - A Strategy for Public Libraries in Times of Digitalization
» Darren Gene Peterson / Hsin-Cheng Lin / Shiyi Li - - a New Platform for Self-Tracking "Experimenters"
» Chris Natt - Blastproof - Visual Mapping and Prototyping Tools (simulation) for Mine Action Research


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  16 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


We're up bright and early ready to kick off a week of live Core77 Design Awards announcements from around the world. To start us off, we've got self-styled Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang leading her jury from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Joining her are Food-trend Analyst, Food Blogger and Food Columnist Marjan Ippel; Food Rhapsody's Creative Producer and Food Concept Creator Valerie Kuster; and Zestz's Owner and Editor in Chief Ronald De Nijs to announce the winners of this year's Food Design category.

» Omer Polak / Michal Evyatar - Blow Dough
» IDEO - San Francisco Unified School District: A Cafeteria Designed for Me
» Roel Vandebeek - Facing Food

Winner: Katharina Unger - FARM 432: Insect Breeding
Runner-up: The Furious Fika - Food Radiation Scanner
» Nikko Van Stolk - Bloom
» Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops - Critter Bitters
» Jeongdae Kim - minuspoon & minusugar
» Inna Alesina - Test Kitchen For Change
» Rahul Agarwal - Polygons Measuring Spoon
» Dan Olken - In The End Nothing: An Edible Menorah
» Maia Rowan - KIDS + FOOD


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  13 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Earlier this week, we released the complete schedule of live announcements for this year's Core77 Design Awards. It's been a long time coming, but considering the breadth and depth of the entries this year, we wanted to ensure that the jury teams have had enough time to review each and every last submission. Now that each of the 17 teams is ready to share its selections and the announcement schedule is nailed down, we want to make sure that you tune in to the broadcasts next week, when they announce the winners!

No matter where you live, there are going to be some early announcement times. Don't let that scare you off—while catching the live winner announcements should be a no-brainer, we came up with five additional reasons why you've gotta watch:

  • You'll be the first to know. It's like the Oscars (kind of). Hear about the ground-breaking projects our juries chose as the best of the best before anyone else.
  • We've got a real set made by real professionals. We're stepping it up a notch this year. You'll be guided through the various categories and live winner announcements from our esteemed jurors from behind a thoughtfully curated desk.
  • Because it's way more exciting to set your alarm for an award than work. Enough said. With an opportunity to drink your coffee in your pajamas and possibly hear someone from Sweden accolade your work, how could you not?
  • You might be a winner. With over 17 categories, there's a good chance you might hear your name in the corral of honorees if you submitted your work. There's nothing like the sweet sound of design success to get your day (or night... or afternoon) off to the right start.
  • You can see people live from 15 different cities all over the world. Because haven't we all wondered how the other hemisphere lives?

In case you missed it in our first reminder, here's the full schedule of next week's live announcements:


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |   9 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Summer is here! And while that most definitely means warmer weather, sandal season and socially acceptable popsicle consumption, it also means the Core77 Design Awards live announcements are right around the corner! We've got 70 jurors in 15 cities and nine countries working on putting together a list of this year's best of the best entries. The announcements will be streamed live starting next Monday, June 16 and run through Friday, June 20.

If you entered work, want to see some groundbreaking works from designers around the world or have a friend on one of the juries, check out the schedule of live announcements below—don't forget to set your alarms! Some of the categories take place mighty early (it's a small price to pay for the excitement of a live winners announcement):

Monday, June 16

Location: Dordrecht, Netherlands
Jury Captain: Marije Vogelzang

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jury Captain: Larry Keeley

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Jury Captain: Sohrab Vossoughi

» 5pm ET: DIY
Location: New York, New York, USA
Jury Captain: Ayah Bdeir

Tuesday, June 17

» 12pm ET: SERVICE
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Jury Captain: Tennyson Pinheiro

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Jury Captain: Carl Moriarty

Location: Perth, Australia
Jury Captain: Oron Catts

Location: Treviso, Italy
Jury Captain: Aaron Siegel

Wednesday, June 18

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Jury Captain: Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Jury Captain: Nille Juul-Sørensen

Location: Bowen Island, Canada
Jury Captain: Marian Bantjes

Thursday, June 19: We are very pleased to bring broadcast two of this year's announcements live and direct from the Core77 Conference: Object Culture in Brooklyn!

Location: New York, New York, USA
Jury Captain: Johan Liden

Location: New York, New York, USA
Jury Captain: Geoff Manaugh

Friday, June 20

Location: Beijing, China
Jury Captain: Naihan Li

Location: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Jury Captain: Charlie Cannon

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Jury Captain: Christine Park

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Jury Captain: Alissa Walker

For more information about the awards, go to

Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |   6 Apr 2014  |  Comments (0)


The day has finally come—the entry period for the 2014 Core77 Design Awards closes tonight at midnight. Make sure to get your work submitted before then for a chance to be recognized across the many Core77 platforms. We won't be accepting any entries after midnight tonight. For all of the information regarding the Design Awards rules and regulations (as well as a complete list of our jury teams and category descriptions), visit the website. We're still offering a pre-release, flocked black-edge edition of our book, "Designing Here/Now" for $10 with any entry.

From Writing & Commentary and Soft Goods to Speculative and Transportation, there's a category for every type of designer. Share your work with us now to get involved in the most inclusive design awards program around.

Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |   4 Apr 2014  |  Comments (0)


The extended deadline for the Core77 Design Awards is upon us! You've got all day today, Saturday and Sunday to work on creating an award-winning entry, but come midnight on Sunday, April 6, we won't be accepting any more submissions. Firms, we hope to see your submissions before you head out to enjoy your weekends!

Remember, we're offering a pre-released flocked black-edge edition of our book "Designing Here/Now" for anyone who enters this year's program. For $10, you can have your own modern design anthology featuring over 500 past Core77 Design Awards honorees.


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |   3 Apr 2014  |  Comments (0)


For some of us, the designing stops around 6pm on Friday night (for the most part). If that's the case for you, make sure that your company enters its designs in the 2014 Core77 Design Awards before closing up shop tomorrow evening. The last chance you'll have to enter any work will be midnight on Sunday, April 6th.

If you haven't been keeping up with our updates, make sure to check out our jury teams for the 17 categories we have to offer. From DIY and Speculative to Writing & Commentary and Interiors & Exhibitions, there's something for everyone.


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  31 Mar 2014  |  Comments (0)


Hopefully you've had enough time to submit your designs to the Core77 Design Awards after we extended the deadline to midnight on April 6. If the chance to win one of our awesome DIY trophies—which you can use to make giant Design Award chocolate bars—isn't incentive enough, we're offering a limited edition pre-release of our brand new "Designing Here/Now" book. You can get your own copy for $10 with any Core77 Design Awards entry. The flocked black-edge book is currently only available to 2014 entrants and features 448 pages filled with 500 past program honorees.


Posted by Core77 Design Awards  |  21 Mar 2014  |  Comments (0)


If 101 days wasn't enough time to put together your submission for the Core77 Design Awards—hey, we're not judging—you're in luck! We've extended our deadline to April 6 for those of you looking for a bit of extra time to submit your work. Take a few minutes (now that you have lots of those) to get to know our jury teams, rules and regulations and the 17 categories for both students and professionals.

We're happy to give you a second chance at getting your work seen by some of the coolest names in the industry. After all, there are a lot of people who've been given a second chance—just take a look at Steve Jobs or Robert Downey Jr.