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Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  18 Nov 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply we'll learn about the history and future of stenography. Don't know anything about stenography? That's fine but it won't last. Joshua Lifton will put you right with his talk "The Open Steno Project and Stenosaurus: Evolving an anachronism to replace keyboards."

6 pm PST at the new Hand-Eye Supply, or streaming online on the Curiosity Club homepage.
427 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209

Stenography is the fastest and most accurate text entry method currently available, and more ergonomic than standard computer keyboards, yet almost nobody uses it, and for good reason—the necessary equipment has traditionally been incredibly expensive and difficult to learn to use. The Stenosaurus is the latest effort by the Open Steno Project to change that. Come hear about the confluence of reviving a 100-year-old+ technology, open source hardware and software, crowdfunding, and what could replace the dominant human-computer interface.

Josh is a founding member of the Open Steno Project, the original author of the world's first open source stenography software (Plover), creator of the Stenosaurus. He co-founded Crowd Supply, a Portland-based crowdfunding platform for hardware and manufactured products, in order to bring projects like the Stenosaurus to light.



Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  10 Nov 2014  |  Comments (2)

FallQuarterly-AaronDraplin2.jpgFallQuarterly-AaronDraplin1.jpgAaron Draplin, co-founder of Field Notes and everything-doer at Draplin Design Co.

At Hand-Eye Supply we like getting gritty as often as possible but we're no strangers to desk work. As technologies shift and disciplines change, more and more of our tools take place inside the computer and at the desk. Our fresh fall project From the desk of... pays homage to the diverse and under-appreciated world of the desktop. Featuring 21 of the most talented desks around Portland, we focus on tools and spaces that inspire joy and productivity.

Our visits took us to famous offices and off-the-radar home studios, and we peered in on big personalities and elusive workers alike. You'll find appearances by noted designers and hometown heavyweights like Aaron Draplin of Field Notes, illustrator and artist Kate Bingaman-Burt, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison of the Portland Mercury and Stay Wild Magazine, and JJ Wright of Kinfolk Magazine's product line Ouur.

This exclusive photographic catalog unearths some attractive, odd and sweet corners of desk life and the interesting minds behind it. Visit to get to know these cool product designers, graphic artists, sneaker heads, crack coders, and the often intimate workspaces they inhabit!

FallQuarterly-DWayneEdwards2.jpgFallQtrly-DWayne1.jpgD'Wayne Edwards, Air Jordan designer and co-founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  23 Oct 2014  |  Comments (1)


Hand-Eye Supply has leveled up! After realizing we were rapidly outgrowing our small Chinatown space, we had a choice: find a bigger rental, or walk our DIY talk with an ambitious project of our own. Just six months after making the bolder choice, we opened the doors of the brand new Hand-Eye Supply, our custom designed and team-built home at 427 NW Broadway, where we're ratcheting up our role as an inspiring resource for creative minds.

So not only do we have our very own digs, we did a real doozy customizing the place. The interior architecture was designed by long time C77/HES collaborator Laurence Sarrazin, who has helped mastermind numerous exhibits, fixtures, pop-ups and events, and whose previous work has taken her through architectural artworks, Portland Arch & Design Fest, and work for Herman Miller under Ayse Birsel.

The new space features interesting skylighting, airy modular storage and custom sculpture, while allowing the building's unique structural elements to peek through. To honor our focus on making new skills and design accessible, exposed process and raw materials are themes throughout the space. Our own process was uniquely DIY too: the retail build-out was completed in just four weeks, by a small crew of Hand-Eye Supply employees and trusted pros. Here are some of our favorite parts.


Always a Hand-Eye staple, aprons now have a large interactive display, much like a big, tactile poster wall. Modular storage keeps things neat and accessible below. At the left you can see a little bit of the original exposed brick poking out behind the register.


Outdoor gear and kitchen supplies get similar shelving sections, while knives and axes perch in cases built in-house and modeled after Japanese benches. The book area got extra elbow room and a cheery table inspired by Enzo Mari.


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  21 Oct 2014  |  Comments (1)


Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club we get tiny, tacky and passionate as we hear Niko Courtelis present the talk "Stamps Ate My Brain." 6pm Pacific at the new Hand-Eye Supply location, or streaming online on the CC page.

"Stamps are tiny pieces of eye candy with great stories. Mine is a cautionary tale of a casual pursuit that's become a passionate obsession. The discussion will range from childhood stamp collecting and graphic excellence, to correspondence and mail art, and the absurdity of collecting turn of the century perforating machines. I'll be sharing some very unusual, artful and rare stamps. There's a lot more to these little things than you might think!"

Niko is a creative director, designer, filmmaker and partner of Portland-based PLAZM. He collects postage stamps, typewriters and vintage perforating machines, and uses them to make artistamps, mail and correspondence art. His book Philatelic Atrocities was recently published by Kat Ran Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is an adjunct professor at PNCA. Niko has a daughter and a three-legged turtle.


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  15 Oct 2014  |  Comments (0)


Since Hand-Eye Supply opened we've highlighted the most practical, attractive workwear we could find. We pride ourselves on seeking out great construction, flattering fits, ethical sourcing, and high quality material. Now we're thrilled to meet our own high standards with the exclusive Hand-Eye x L.C. King Work Jeans. They're lean, mean, American-made, and tailored perfectly to the modern worker.

These jeans are made from beautiful raw selvedge denim and tough cotton duck, and they're built to look good. We couldn't have worked with a better collaborator than the L.C. King Manufacturing Company, makers of Pointer Brand and other durable, high-quality workwear since 1913. The 12.5 oz. selvedge comes from Greensboro, North Carolina, and each piece is still hand-sewn in Bristol, Tennessee.

Traditional materials meet a modern slim fit, and the result is solid: classic, dependable jeans that look effortless and can hold up to real use, at the right price. Check them out!


Posted by core jr  |   1 Oct 2014  |  Comments (1)


Since we opened in 2010, Core77's Hand-Eye Supply has grown into an international design destination and hub for hands-on people of all stripes. Combining the refined aesthetics of designers with the practicality of the trades, Hand-Eye Supply serves and promotes the movement towards a more beautiful, well-made world.

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, October 2, as we open our distinctive store again—bigger, better and more ambitiously dedicated to the creative community—with a Grand Opening Party! This unmissable design event will give the first public look at the beautiful new space, which features custom architecture, innovative interior design and sculpture, a design incubator, and a metal and wood workshop. If you're in Portland, be sure to stop by the inspiring space some have dubbed the Niketown of Design. RSVP on Facebook and stop by for food, drink, live music, and inspiration.

Thursday, October 2, 2014, 6–9pm
Hand-Eye Supply
427 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209




Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  23 Sep 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight at the Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club, we talk metal! Artist and fabricator Jill Torberson brings us a user's guide to steel design.

6pm PT at the Hand-Eye Supply store, or streaming online!
23 NW 4th Ave.
Portland, OR

I will talk about the structural integrity of steel, and how it allows the fabricator to create solid and visually interesting objects that appear delicate and light in form. This is a re-occuring theme in my steelwork, as I reject the idea that steel has to be heavy and massive in interpretation. I will also discuss my design influences.

Jill Torberson is an artist, educator, and musician from Portland, Oregon. Jill works in steel, creating custom ironwork for homes throughout the metro area. Aside from her gallery shows, Jill has several commissions involving custom steel fabrication for residences in the Portland area. She is a licensed contractor, and creates custom gates, trellises, fences, railings, fireplace mantels and screens, as well as site-specific art for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. Public work includes commissions from Portland general Electric, The Maryhill Museum of Art, and most currently the Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park. Jill is a musician, and plays the horn in several groups in Portland, including the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, the Portland Festival Symphony, and the Northwest Horn Orchestra. Jill serves an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University. She works in the School of Architecture, teaching metal shop skills to the students in the school of architecture.


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |   9 Sep 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club we're electrified to present Philip Graham of Ear Trumpet Labs, giving the presentation "Building Great Microphones From The Stuff In Your Basement." Don't miss this super techy, trashy and talented talk, starting 6pm at the Hand-Eye Supply store front or streaming on the Curiosity Club homepage.

"Having stumbled into the rabbit hole of microphone building, I will attempt to drag in after me as many listeners as I can. There will be some tech talk about the many ways of transducing sound waves to electrical signals; the ins and outs of a weird DIY niche community; making cool useful things from metal with no machining skills at all; the path from hobby to obsession to business; and the pleasures of the toolmaker in seeing their tools well used."

Philip Graham is the Proprietor/Bricoleur of Ear Trumpet Labs, a Portland company hand-building distinctive microphones. He left his software job to make mics full time three years ago, and has rarely left his basement since, except to see the musicians he's inspired by. When he's lucky they're using his mics.


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  26 Aug 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply, Curiosity Club pays a visit to inhabitable fictions with Coleman Stevenson of the Art Institute of Portland and Norah Wendl of Portland State University. Their talk "Paper Houses" will touch on architecture, art, and the unreal.

"The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible," Mark Twain once commented. It is precisely in the tense space between reality and fabrication that architects and authors alike must work, constructing alternate, speculative worlds that are so believable clients will show their faith through financial and political support, so authentic that readers will live inside of scenes and forge relationships with characters. It is in this liminal space that Coleman Stevenson and Nora Wendl have constructed the Center for Fictive Architecture, a framework for their individual and collaborative projects. In this talk, they discuss those ideas that form the basis of their current collaborations, in particular the related natures of architecture and poetry.

6pm at the Hand-Eye Supply store, or streaming online on the Curiosity Club page!


Coleman Stevenson is the author of The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609 (bedouin books, 2012). Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in a variety of journals, including Paper Darts, Common Ground Review, E-ratio, Hawaii Pacific Review, Mid-American Review, Seattle Review, and the anthology Motionless from the Iron Bridge. She teaches poetry, cultural communication, and word/image collaboration to design students in Portland, Oregon.

Norah Wendl often aligns architecture and its histories with the adjacent fields of fiction, poetry, contemporary art and literature. She is co-editor, with Isabelle Loring Wallace, of Contemporary Art about Architecture: A Strange Utility (Ashgate, 2013). Her research has been featured or is forthcoming in internationally and nationally recognized journals including 306090, Journal of Architectural Education, Architecture and Culture, Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, and On Site Review, and she performed and exhibited at various venues including Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Public Library, and Wordstock. She is Assistant Professor of Architecture in the School of Architecture at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  13 Aug 2014  |  Comments (1)

KletterwerksDanas-Out-Back.jpgThe Danas with Day Packs

If you're familiar with Hand-Eye you'll know we're all about a bomb-proof product with a badass backstory, and Kletterwerks absolutely delivers. The lead man of the Kletterwerks line is Dana Gleason II. An avid outdoorsman with a passion for making great gear, he's been the driving force behind impeccable bag-making companies for decades. He founded Kletterwerks as his first backpack company back in 1974. Starting out by repairing and building bags for the hardcore climbing and mountaineering community, he began to dabble in his own designs. Pulled from the German "Kletter" meaning Climbing, and "Werks" meaning Plant, Kletterwerks was a "climbing factory" based in Bozeman, Montana. In order to afford a first minimum order of rusty red material from a new supplier called Cordura, he pooled resources with other young bag-obsessed gearheads (Murray Pletz later of Jansport, Dick Kelty of Kelty, and Wayne Gregory of Gregory). This first generation of bags was built with hard-earned design insight and some of the best material the outdooring world had ever seen.

kletterwerksvintage.jpgDana II displays a climbing pack for a slick, slightly '70s Cordura ad


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  12 Aug 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight Curiosity Club hosts the legendarily named Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles, presenting the talk "I <3 Motorcycles."

Thor will discuss the process of turning a hobby into a job, maintaining some distance from work, meeting people all over the world, being an outsider (not the gang), the principals of building, hosting a good party, and keeping it real.

Thor Drake was born a viking in Norway. Around his third year of life, Thor's parents whisked him off to the Great United States. landing smack dab in heart of the Southwest, It was in Arizona that Thor cultivated some of his hillbilly talents contributing to his occasionally used moniker: "Hillbilly Viking." Forbidden to ride motorcycles most of his younger life, a serious fixation was developed. It was the snowboard/skateboard world that landed Thor in the Great NW. Thor worked for many outfits in Portland. It was his experience building everything from giant roller blades to tradeshow booths paired with his love of motorcycles that led him to open See See Motorcycles.

Starts 6pm at the Hand-Eye Supply shop or streaming online!

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  31 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)


Hey Portland people, it's that time again. The Summer Quarterly is here and we couldn't have done it without help. While we rounded up awesome stuff for summer, cool creatives from all over sent in sweet selfies with their tools and gear, and we can't wait to share their style!

Drop by the new and beginning-to-be-improved Hand-Eye Supply garage at 714 NW Glisan, pick up a free people-populated poster and we'll announce the winners of our All Geared Up photo contest! Then eat some unbeatable treats from Pacific Pie co., and rub elbows with the great minds of the HES set. Come tell us about your projects and dreams while we dig on grooves from DJs The Beatles and Tobias, spinning "your uncle's records" and weird classics from multiple decades.

Come for the poster, tunes and food, stay for the incomparable company!

714 NW Glisan
Portland, Oregon

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  29 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight's Curiosity Club is "8 Days A Week" with the prolific Kate Bingaman-Burt, illustrator, educator and all-round creative badass. As she puts it: Kate will involve colorful visuals, excitement about personal projects (both hers and others), her path from wanting to be a morning TV personality (watch out Kathie Lee) to teaching (it was an accident, I swear) to drawing every day (my hand is cramping as I type this). Also, she has a problem with slipping from third person to first person while writing (I am so sorry). Also, she usually gives away stuff at her talks (Will the TSA confiscate a t-shirt cannon? What if it shot confetti? about hot dogs? I love hot dogs). Bring your own ketchup and mustard. I look forward to seeing you all.

Come by Hand-Eye Supply at 6pm PT, or tune in as we stream live.



About Kate Bingaman-Burt

Kate makes piles of work about the things that we BUY (and want) and the emotions attached to our STUFF. She also happily think and draw for good people and companies. She has been making work about consumption since 2002, teaching since 2004 and drawing until her hand cramps since 2006 (ouch).Along with being an educator and illustrator, she organize events, installations, workshops and she probably talks a bit too much.

Her first book, Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2010. Since then, she has collaborated with them to produce two more titles about documentation and consumption in 2012 and 2014. Her design clients include Chipotle, Hallmark, IDEO, VH1, Girl Scouts of America, Madewell and the Gap as well as locally loved institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Reading Frenzy and Know Your City. She am also actively involved in the organization of Design Week Portland.

Kate is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University. In 2013, she was the recipient of the 2013 College of the Arts Kamelia Massih Outstanding Faculty Prize as well as a TEDXPortland Speaker. She is the faculty advisor for the PSU.GD student design group Friends of Graphic Design (FoGD) and the in-house student design studio A+D Projects. She also coordinates the weekly Show & Tell Lecture Series. For her, teaching and making go hand in hand. Without one, the other wouldn't exist.

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  17 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)


They've only just arrived but the Trusco Toolboxes have stored our hearts away. We searched high and low for these rare and glamorous tool keepers and they're finally here, just in time for summer projects! Don't be dazzled by the luxurious hue, their practical Japanese design shines through the blue. At heart these are sweet storage options that feel like high quality tools themselves. They're made from steel, well formed for strength, and reinforced in the right places for a long life of being accidentally kicked while your hands are full.

The two larger toolboxes have double lids and plenty of reconfigurable up-top storage. The cantilevered two-level has style for days, with a distinctive shape, neat metal dividers, super smooth action and pronounced strength forming (Citröen H Van, anyone?). The biggest box of all sports plenty of room, a removable upper organizer, and a sleek shape inspired by a traditional hip roof profile. The baby of the family is a tough little number, a simple standalone organizer box, formed for strength and stackability with an incredibly satisfying friction-fit snap top. It fits inside either of its bigger compatriots to protect your drill bits, sandpaper scraps, bobbins, widgets, lock picking tools, or exceptionally pretty pebbles.

Keep them in your garage, your trunk, your bedroom, or your studio, but don't keep them out of sight. Whether your work is big or small, these cool blue toolboxes are here to keep you gathered. Check them out online now!


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  15 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)



Tonight at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club, we're getting real positive about less loved photographic techniques. Jacklyn Hudak of Huzz Art Shop presents Failure Is Inevitable: The Unpopularity Of Alternative Photography, a talk about what historical and alternative photographic processes are and why almost nobody uses them. Jaclyn will be speaking about a few different alternative processes, with a more in depth look at gum bichromate; a colorful but fickle process that she uses on a regular basis. Being mostly self taught, she's made countless mistakes over the years and will share why she embraces failure.

Jaclyn Hudak is a Portland-based graphic designer and artist who often uses historical photographic processes to make work. She has a degree in Photography and Graphic Design from Texas State University and has been working with alternative photographic processes for over six years.

6pm PT tonight, July 15. Come by the Hand-Eye Supply storefront or check in as we stream online!


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |   9 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)


Make room on your bench for the Preppin' Weapon. These colorful tools are well thought out weapons against grumpy sanding experiences. Way more ergonomic than a block of wood with a nail in it, and arguably better looking, their key charm is the ability to clamp down on your sandpaper in a simple comfortable package. They feature a high-impact ABS plastic body, a tough padded bottom for extra traction, and locking grippers on either end to keep your sandpaper exactly where you want it. Despite (or possibly because of) their jovial name, these things beat the tar out of other sanding options we've used.

Fits a quarter sheet of paper perfectly, and the stainless clamping levers are easy to operate even with tired hands. For those who do auto stuff or work with wet sanding, the body floats so you can dunk it without having to fish for it later. The body is also tapered to get at tighter spots. You can even layer several sheets deep and tear off the outer layer as it gets tired.

Bonus round: they are made in the USA, come in four cheerful colors (pick a color for each grit you use), and have been called the "Cadillac of sanding blocks." Really. Don't you deserve the best? Available now at Hand-Eye Supply.


Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |   1 Jul 2014  |  Comments (0)

ArthurCC.jpgPhoto by Ira Lippke

Tonight at Curiosity Club photographer Arthur Hitchcock will describe his incredible journey (literal and figurative) across the US in his talk The Walk.

In 2011, Arthur left his family home in Southern California to walk across the United States to Augusta, ME in honor and memory of his parents, Mike & Janet Hitchcock. He dedicated his efforts to raising funds & awareness for breast cancer research in memory of his mother. The trip lasted a total of 175 days, just over 4100 miles, and took him through 17 states. The trip is documented as one of the fastest recorded in contemporary history. His daily treks often lasted over 15 hours, and ranged from 20-62 miles. His closest friend Anthony Felix provided support throughout the near 6 months of travel; and followed Arthur in a truck carrying supplies. This lecture will highlight some important details about the trip, as well as Arthur's photographic/artistic process. Arthur will be utilizing an interactive map, clips from his short documentary, and photos from his journey to help tell his story.

A second generation photographer, Arthur first developed a passion for photography through the extensive work of his late Father. Studying 10,000+ slides of his Father's and spending countless hours in a traditional darkroom has formed Arthur's specific approach & perspective. He was born in the Midwest and spent his formative years in Long Beach, California. From an early age, he was exposed to extensive travel both domestically & internationally. As a result, Hitchcock has made a life centered around adapting to new environments & seeking adventure. Arthur's works consistently with both digital & analog technology, often blending traditional large format/35mm techniques with modern processing. He works full-time as a freelance photographer and is based in Portland, OR.

Tonight at 6 PST! Stop by the Hand-Eye Supply shop, or tune in online.

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  24 Jun 2014  |  Comments (1)


The Mikihisa Folding Knife is a cool take on the kiridashi style. Kiridashi (often translated as "to cut out") are traditionally used for scoring wood, carving, splitting bamboo and small cutting tasks in the shop or classroom. These kiridashi knives are single beveled for an extra fine cutting edge, ideal for super flush cuts in all kinds of crafts. Use with a square for satisfyingly precise lines, and cut paper, plastic, leather, light woods and more with ease. The blade is "blue paper" number 2 steel, a high carbon cutlery steel laminated warikomi style, providing both wicked sharpness and durability.

Kiridashi are usually a single fixed blade with no additional handle—more than a little unnerving to have lying around in a tool box. The Mikihisa adds safety and portability by adapting the style into a folding knife and adding a more ergonomic bubinga wood handle. This thing is pretty large for a folder, more shop tool than EDC pocket knife. It comes nice and sharp, and is super easy to maintain. The lock back is a simple side to side lever. Not the most rugged we've ever used, but dependable. Forget the irritation and waste of wimpy little X-Actos, get yourself a traditional(ish) Japanese craft knife that you can count on.

Available now at Hand-Eye Supply.




Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  10 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Dads are great! They're helpful, handy, and hilarious... in that decidedly dorky way. They make us laugh, they make us barbecue, they fix things, break them, and fix them again. To highlight that tinkering sprit we visited bike frame builder Tony Pereira in his Portland shop. Tony has been hand-building beautiful fillet brazed frames since 2006, and now operates both Pereira Cycles and Breadwinner Cycles out of his neat home shop. Check out our peek into his workshop!

Take a gander at our collection of dad-worthy items, and show your pop you're proud of his pro moves and inspired by his can-do attitude (even when the project goes south). Order before 3pm PST Wednesday for a free Priority Shipping upgrade and a Saturday delivery within the States!

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  10 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight Curiosity Club welcomes Dave Selden, witty designer and founder of 33 Books. We'll hopefully learn about creative work as a small business, making graphic design useful, and why printing coffee-themed diaries with coffee ink is a good idea.

Tuesday June 10, 6pm PST
Dave Selden: "1,000 Paper Cuts"
33 Books
In store at Hand-Eye Supply or streaming online!


When I released my beer-tasting notebook to the world in November 2009, I had a stressful full-time job, a new baby boy, a lovely wife, and absolutely no idea how to start a business. Now, five years later, I've ditched the day job, kept the wife, added another child and ... I'm still feeling my way through this whole small business thing. I'll share what I've learned along the way, after releasing ten kinds of tasting books, three posters, creating a network of retailers worldwide, and trying to balance it all with a happy home life. Also, there will be prizes. And maybe some tasting

Dave Selden is a Portland, Oregon-based graphic designer and creator of the "33" series of pocket-sized tasting notebooks. He's an avid runner, woodworker and beer geek in his spare time, which is fleeting these days, thanks to the recent arrival of his second child. He hails from the great state of Iowa and smokes his own bacon, two facts which may or may not be related.

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |   2 Jun 2014  |  Comments (0)


For Hand-Eye Supply's Summer Quarterly we're spotlighting those of you who have helped make! Enter the All Geared Up Photo Contest by submitting a photo of you with your favorite HES gear, and you could be featured on our Summer Quarterly poster! Entering gets you a shot at winning the online People's Choice Award to be featured on our blog, the Runner Up Prize for $100.00 in-store credit, and consideration for the GRAND GEAR PRIZE - a selection of brand new products from our summer collection worth $200.00!

Enter by June 21, and you could be surrounded by sweet new stuff in no time. The first 30 entries will receive a $15.00 Hand-Eye Gift Certificate and pair of clear aviator safety spectacles! Contest details here!

This creative community inspires us every day—show off a little! Enter now (but, y'know, read the contest guidelines and rules before submitting your photo).

Posted by Hand-Eye Supply  |  28 May 2014  |  Comments (0)


Emily Katz has long been one Hand-Eye Supply's favorite Portlanders-to-watch. As a multi-discipline creative contessa, her work can be found all over town and the world. Whether she's teaching workshops, styling photo shoots, or creating home goods, there's a dreamy and tactile quality to everything this lady does... a perfect compliment to our new light and lovely smock by Portland Apron Co.! It's so comfortable, flexible and airy it inspired a trip to see Emily and test out some of our fresh-picked favorites for Spring studio life. Emily let us into her bright and airy studio this week for a peek at her process.



Posted by Kat Bauman  |  27 May 2014  |  Comments (0)


Curiosity Club with Nial McGaughey is tonight! Nial is the maker of the fine and odd Hovercraft Amplifiers, and we're thrilled for him to throw down on his pastiche of tech and art. We'll be covering loud sounds and "braingasms"—obviously worth showing up for that.

Nial McGaughey: Strummable Braingasms: Using Limitations, Leftovers and Lemons to Create the World's Loudest Artwork
6pm PST
At the Hand-Eye Supply store
Or Streaming online


Posted by Kat Bauman  |  19 May 2014  |  Comments (0)

Exciting news from Hand-Eye Supply! For a limited time only, HES is proud to offer a new and exclusive line of heritage goods. Partnering with local craftsmen, we commissioned a series of tough and beautiful wood works that you'll be proud to own, or gift to a special rugged someone. These feature Northwest sourced cherrywood, Northwest craftsmanship, and they're as lovely and lasting as the region itself. Traditionally made with an undeniably modern touch, they're truly distinctive. Forget the impostors and accept no substitute—split the airs with your very own Hand-Eye Supply Artisanal Log. Buy your log today and get a free Gransfors Bruks axe with every purchase! These lovingly handcrafted logs will last lifetimes, and a Gransfors Bruks looks great anywhere other than your wall!

Please Note: Offer valid while supplies last. Prices may vary and are obviously of equal value to retail price on the Gransfors Bruks Axe models that Hand-Eye Supply carries. Artisanal logs were harmed during the making of this video. As a result your log may vary in size, shape and structural integrity. However, your Gransfors Bruks Axe will likely last you a lifetime and comes with a 20-year warranty on the head.

Posted by Kat Bauman  |  13 May 2014  |  Comments (0)


The Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club is digging into the narrative with Jelly Helm of Studio Jelly. In-store only tonight, the talk starts at 6pm so get here early to explore the stories and get epic.

Jelly Helm: A Beginner's Intro to Joseph Campbell, Story, and the Human Adventure
Hand-Eye Supply
23 NW 4th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209
Tuesday, May 13, 6pm PST


Who am I? Where did I come from? What happens when I die? How do I spend my life? What do the things that happen to me mean? For 45,000 years, humans have used story to wrestle with these questions.

In this informal and personal presentation, award-winning communicator and story-enthusiast Jelly Helm will share maps and charts from Joseph Campbell, Ken WIlber and others to help explain the basics of story and how it informs our lives and our culture. It ought to be fun, and perhaps encouragement to re-connect with your own deep story.

Jelly Helm is the principal and creative director of a strategy and brand communication studio in Portland, Oregon. He helps people and companies connect with and powerfully express their purpose.

Prior to opening his studio in 2008, Jelly Helm was Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy, Group Creative Director at The Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia, and Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. He was a founding faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University Adcenter, adjunct professor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, and Founder and Director of Wieden+Kennedy 12, W+K's experimental in-house school.


Posted by Kat Bauman  |  29 Apr 2014  |  Comments (0)


Tonight's Curiosity Club will be an intimate one, featuring Charles Boardman of OHSU giving the talk "THE TUBE WITHIN A TUBE: A modest, personalized history of our various efforts, as a species, to look inside each other's guts." That's right, Charles will discuss the history of endoscopy—literally, looking inside the body with different eye-extending tools—as well as describing the contemporary landscape of endoscopy around the world—what is done, why it is done, where it is done, how often it is done, and what dreamy, cloud-headed endoscopists say we will do in the future. This talk will be fanciful, technical and scientific. It will also be personal; Charles will speak frankly and minutely about what it is like to spend your days rooting around in other people's guts, what it is like to traverse a mile or so of high-definition intestines every year for your job (It is cool! And strange!).

Join us at the Hand-Eye Supply store, or tune in online for the live broadcast!

Charles Boardman: "THE TUBE WITHIN A TUBE: A modest, personalized history of our various efforts, as a species, to look inside each other's guts."
Hand-Eye Supply
23 NW 4th Ave.
Portland OR
Tuesday, April 29, 6pm PST