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Posted by Ray  |  18 Dec 2014  |  Comments (0)


In the broad spirit of co-working spaces and the sharing economy, 'tis the season for the retail manifestation of nimble business practices: namely, the ever-popular holiday pop-up shop. After all, the ephemeral storefront offers the best of both worlds: not only do you get to personally inspect many of the beautiful things you see on the Internet but you get the cachet of an exclusive, limited-time-only marketplace (some, such as last weekend's NeueHouse Holiday Art & Design Bazaar, are open to the public for but a single afternoon—often to the chagrin of those of us who find out the next day). Better yet, they're often hyperlocal, meet-the-maker affairs—exhibitor/vendor fees notwithstanding—that transcend the 'showrooming' phenomenon with what might be deemed a site-specific shopping experience. Here are a few of our favorite ones in New York City this season.


Following its relaunch at NY Now in August, American Design Club has tapped its extensive network of independent designers and makers to stock a jam-packed pop-up shop in the basement of Michele Varian's eponymous boutique in Soho. Many of the designers need no introduction here, but we were impressed with work by newcomers such as Hey Look Studio, Death at Sea and Aaron Poritz, to name a few.



AmDCPopUp-4-shelf1Centered.jpgMerchandising 101: Put the best sellers near the front


Posted by shaggy  |  31 Oct 2013


Marshall Hanwell Hi-Fi Speaker - Originally $800 - Now $595 with Free Ground Shipping in the USA - Cheaper than Amazon!
Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop - Originally $300 - Now $145 with Free Ground Shipping in the USA - Unbeatable on the Internets!
AKMD Origami - Set of Three Bowls - Originally $84 - Now $42 - Where else you going to find these?
Kukka DIY Lamp - Orignally $160 - Now $45 - Are we INSANE?

This and more awaits you at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply Pre-Holiday Blowout Sale. Hand-Eye, home of $4.95 FLAT RATE shipping, home of the widest selection of work aprons IN THE WORLD, home of the rare and beautiful Mercator k55k KAT KNIFE!

These deals will not last - ACT NOW!

Posted by shaggy  |  26 Sep 2013


Core77's Hand-Eye Supply store puts this deal together once a year so come grab the workshop necessities while saving the big bucks. This pair of items typically goes for $40 but is over half off until the end of the month—that's in 5 days!

Hand-Eye Supply Black Denim Apron
Oberon Safety Glasses in Your Choice of Three Colors

at Hand-Eye Supply

Posted by shaggy  |   6 Sep 2013

Moving through the space.

Core77's retail enterprise, Hand-Eye Supply, is deep into the third week of a month long stay at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles and things are heating up! More on that in a following post though, for right now we'd like to give you, dear Internet friend, a behind the scenes peek at the making of the first ever Pop-up Institute for Craft and Ingenuity!

The project started percolating in the Fall of 2012 and developed from a simple pop-up shop into a full-on exhibtion and "educational happening" over the course of the Spring of 2013. Core77's mission has been to promote and recruit for the design professions since its inception in 1995 at Pratt Institute and with the launch of the Hand-Eye Supply store we broadened that mission to advocate for a life of making things in general wether through a DIY project or a trade or craft. It seemed natural then to push the opportunity a bit further and to give Space 15 Twenty's youthful, broad audience not only a taste of the Maker life and its accoutrements but also a chance to experience its community and practices first hand.

At work, and stylishly attired.

We let the idea of the Pop-Up Institute form both the physical space and the event line-up... The interior is divided into the key environments of creative activity - the workshop, the studio and the classroom - each populated with the appropriate tools and the results of their use. The programming focuses on bringing in local Los Angeles institutions, designers and themes to connect the broader message to moment and place. This effort has lead to, among other things, a film series examining the trials and rewards of creative endeavor, workshops with materials such as felt and wood, and evening activities to connect creative-types and to air ideas and projects. See our Pop-up Institute website - - for the full run-down.

Below is a chronicle of our build-out and launch of the Institute - a rather impressive effort, if we do say so ourselves, for it took a 2400 sq ft. space from absolutely empty to fully constructed, stocked and merchandized in four days. After months of inventory purchasing, collateral production, event programming, staff coordination, and environmental design there was only a week-long opening to bring it all together. Odds against that happening grew when the first day of building was lost to a missing shipment of materials. But then the next day, with the lumber on-site, the HES staff tackling odd jobs and the seasoned team of Space 15 Twenty slicing down build-out task-lists with scary efficiency it all started to gel and success seemed possible again. By Friday afternoon it was over, with not an hour to spare, and after a final clean-up it was time to party!

Incredible credit and thanks go to the team at Hand-Eye Supply
Lyndsey Lee Denyer, Project Lead
Laurence Sarrazin, Environmental Design Lead
Tobias Berblinger, Manager
Christine Taylor, Photographer
Also to Emily, Kat, Matthew, Kathleen, Camille and Perry

And credit and incredible thanks to the U.O./Space 15 Twenty crew
Stephen Stonehill, Project Booster and Buildout Lead
Chris Woodhead, Project Booster
Kim Bruckbauer, Merchandizing and Coordination
Beau DeGeorge and Jeff Gauntt, Buildout Samurai


Posted by shaggy  |  17 Jul 2013

Posted by shaggy  |  26 Feb 2013


You won't want to keep these in the shop - wear them out on the town - keep chic while maintaining splash protection from nocturnal hazards such as face-flung drinks of jilted lovers. Entertain neophytes with impromptu lessons in plastic molding, showing off the frames' inverted bridge mold cavity - truly a structural and aesthetic triumph - and the primitive radii of the lens-fastening lip.

$10.00 at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply store
Available in "Ghost Fog Saber White", "Montepulciano" and "Painter's Tape"


Posted by shaggy  |  21 Dec 2012  |  Comments (0)


THE FINAL CHANCE! thank you for hanging-in this month with our hucksterism: mercifully it is drawing to a close and we can all get on with some season-appropriate party action! But before you hit the nog/ grog/ gluhwein, why don't you drop by Core77's Hand-Eye Supply store and pick out a few last minute items?

We are keeping our shipping desk open till 5pm Pacific time, get an order in by then - choose the cheap shipping option and we'll upgrade it to priority, ensuring arrival in the continental US on Monday.

It's over! Good job everyone, the apocalypse has been averted! - Merry X-mas!

Avoid Santa-Cat's Fate and Order Now.

Posted by shaggy  |  19 Dec 2012


The gif above says it all. Crank away sensitive documents AND pent-up anxiety, feeling the tiny teeth take nibble after nibble with barely a sound. This is Japanese so accepts A4 paper, which is smaller than 8.5"x11", meaning American documents will need to be folded before their demise. We ran two folded sheets through at once without any problem. Do not shred the items noted below.

Yuento Manual Shredder
Available at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply



Posted by shaggy  |  13 Dec 2012  |  Comments (0)


In this era of eco-awareness, we often find ourselves choosing between buying beautiful new things and making do with what we have. When it comes to clothes we feel like we might have an answer for fashion conscious types who find themselves in this situation: All the endearing quality and craftsmanship of a quality garment in a product that hovers on the periphery of one's wardrobe, a sort of meta-fashion toolbox: a sewing kit.

The Merchant & Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit is on our list of ideas for Off-The-Grid designers, but its portability is only part of its appeal—it comes with all of the basics for extending the life of your garb, but its form is the force that will inspire and elicit the best of your darning abilities: a heritage aesthetic that nods at tradition and an untying, unfolding presentation that will ritualize you right into the mood for zen-ing out on your stitching.

Merchant & Mills Oilskin Sewing Kit
Available at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply


Posted by shaggy  |  13 Dec 2012  |  Comments (0)


This is one of our favorites from Core77's collection of Workshop Workhorse gifts: when it comes to production, precision begets precision. This high-quality machined doodad will multiply the uses of your trusty ruler, turning it into a capable production aid. Slide it on and start quickly squaring things up and marking consistent depths. When done break down and stow it.

Czeck Edge Ruler Stop
Available at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply


Posted by Tobias Berblinger  |  18 Mar 2011  |  Comments (0)

0316_Images_01.jpg Photos by Glen Jackson Taylor

The Hand-Eye Supply store has a kindred spirit in Sweden's Dunderdon. Founded by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, the mission at Dunderdon has always been to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design.

We've been carrying the Dunderdon workwear line at our Hand-Eye Supply store in Portland since our initial opening in August. Now, we're pleased to announce that we have a small pop-up shop at the Dunderdon NYC Workshop store.

Featured at the store are some of our favorite Hand-Eye Supply merchandise including the Z-Saw, Klein Bags and the H.L. Bouton Spectacles. Check out the New York City workshop at 25 Howard Street in SoHo and more pics of the goods after the jump!


Posted by shaggy  |  20 Dec 2010


The shipping window is closing for X-mas and yes, we have one last shameless plug to make, albeit this is more public service announcement than promo: You should buy this book: The Pocket Ref! As useful as a smart phone when faced with a question of standardized sizes, formulas or material properties and a whole lot sturdier! Check the image below for an idea of the range of its contents. 768 pages. Super special because it bears our Core77 Store brand: Hand-Eye Supply! OK, that is it, have a great and festive holiday season!


Today's the day to visit the Core77 Designer Super Store:


Peace out!

Posted by shaggy  |  18 Dec 2010

If you buy before next Tuesday, Dec 21st by Noon Pacific Time you'll get yer goodies before xmas. We are providing free upgrades to USPS Priority Mail for all purchases - and if you order more than $50 shipping is free entirely! Check it out: Hand-Eye Supply

Got chores to do? You need a Pointer Brand Chore Coat (Also in washed denim.)

Add a little pizzazz to your time in the shop with the Pinnacle Safety Glasses.

Clean up the environmentally sound and healthy way with the Master's Hand Soap.

Blue stove enameled metal from Germany, to hold all your gear; the Gedore 5-compartment tool box.

Check out our popular gift items too!

Posted by shaggy  |  16 Dec 2010


The Rare Raven's Wing Field Notes


The Safety Spectacles


The Killer Jellyfish of Graphic Design Favors Poster


The Denim Pointer Brand Shop Apron


The Shuriken Magnets

Order any of these by noon Friday December 18th 17th! (tomorrow!) and get them before X-mas!

Also check out our More than $50, Less than $25, and Less than $10 Lists!

Posted by shaggy  |   7 Dec 2010  |  Comments (0)


Just in time for the holiday season we've installed a little shrine to our favorite type of portable gear storage: Klein Bags - check the link for the online version, or drop by our PDX location to get your hands on them.

Posted by shaggy  |   1 Nov 2010  |  Comments (0)

NOV0210_01_large.gif NOV0210_02_large.gif

Join us Tuesday night with Erin Rose Gardner as she presents Jewelry as Subject. Erin is an Oregon Arts Commission grant recipient and an experienced explorer of the terrain between design and craft. As she puts it; "Undulating between these two fields, my research centers around mass-produced jewelry, because it has the capacity to serve as a cultural symbol for sentiment as-well-as commodity. As a designer/maker I am suspicious of industrially produced objects that embody emotional significance."

The presentation begins at 5:30PM at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply - 23 NW 4th Avenue, Portland, Ore. Drop on by or come back and watch here via our live stream!


For more info visit the HES Curiosity Club page.

Posted by shaggy  |  21 Oct 2010  |  Comments (0)


Who does noted design firm OMFGCO turn to for its Coverall and Safety Glass needs? Why, Core77's Hand-Eye Supply of course. At the recent AIGA Designspeaks event they wore their DIY, Can-Do attitude on their sleeves as they presented "7 Steps to Making it Official" Now, YOU, dear internet viewers, can taste a bit of the boy's action packed existence in this, their epic presentation intro.

Thanks for shopping at HES, gentlemen!

Posted by Glen Jackson Taylor  |  27 Sep 2010  |  Comments (1)


Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Plumen 001 launch at Hand-Eye Supply in Portland last Thursday, and congratulations to Dara who won herself a specially converted Plumen for the US. The exhibition will be on display for a month, and for those of you who can't make it, checkout the photo's below.


Posted by core jr  |  22 Sep 2010  |  Comments (0)


If you're in Portland, Oregon tomorrow night, make sure you stop by Core77's Hand-Eye Supply for a peek at the first Plumen 001 bulbs in the US. We'll be raffling off one of the bulbs at the end of the night!

The Plumen Bulb at Hand-Eye Supply
Thursday, September 23rd
Exhibition Opening: 5:30 – 8pm
23 NW 4th Ave
Portland, OR, 97209

Posted by core jr  |   9 Sep 2010  |  Comments (1)



To kick-off the new school year, we've put together four awesome Starter Kits featuring a mix of practical and budget friendly items to help you build up an arsenal of creative supplies. We realize starting out is overwhelming both in expense, and trying to navigate the myriad of options available—rest assured—these kits will help you hit the ground running, and you can invest in the more expensive stuff later.

Each kit includes a free Core77 t-shirt, you save 15% off the individual items, and there's free shipping in the USA!

View Core77's Starter Kits


Posted by core jr  |  30 Aug 2010  |  Comments (1)



Real designers wear blue! Whether you're carving foam, pulling splines, or molding the next big idea, show the world where you stand in our cool baby blue Core77 t-shirt. Printed on 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirts, get this instant classic now from our brand new Hand-Eye Supply store.

Core77 Logo T-shirt: $22 at Hand-Eye Supply

Posted by core jr  |  25 Aug 2010  |  Comments (2)



There's a lot to love about the Hansen Tacker, the all-steel operating mechanism can handle a serious beating, it's light enough to use with one hand, and the positive trip-hammer action ensures you'll be dead accurate every time.

The industrial stapler known as the "Hansen Tacker" was invented by Augie L. Hansen in 1933, an entrepreneur with over 300 inventions and patents credited to his name. Made in America, each tool is painstakingly hand-built by a trained craftsman — a labor intensive process that guarantees high quality and a precision build!

The T-35 is Hansen's most popular stapler model, suitable for a wide range of fastening tasks including; upholstery, point-of-sale displays, loud-speaker silks, and of course for putting up fliers around the neighborhood. It holds 140 Tackpoints at one loading, is super fast to reload, self-contained and ready for instant, continual use.




Hansen Tacker T-35 - $49
Free USA shipping ends August 31, 2010!

• All-steel operating mechanism
• Chromium finish
• Lightweight, easily portable
• 7 inches long
• One-hand operation
• Holds strip of 140 tackpoints at one loading
• Tack-up jaw for easy inspection of working parts
• Includes one box of genuine Blue Line staples (5000 QTY)

See more great tools at Core77's Hand-Eye Supply

Posted by Glen Jackson Taylor  |  15 Aug 2010  |  Comments (5)

We know USB flash drives have been around forever, in fact USB 2.0 technology debuted over a decade ago (April 2000), and in that time we've seen endless iterations on the form but this key-shaped flash drive by 5.5 designers for LaCie nailed it. We're not the only fans either — they recently picked up a Gold IDEA Award — and the IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey are now one of LaCie's most popular products.

So until you have complete faith in the cloud, can get a connection everywhere, and effortlessly jump on your clients network to transfer files, USB flash drives are not going to be made obsolete anytime soon!


- 4GB and 8GB available
- Sturdy metal ultra-thin design; fits on a keyring
- Universal Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface (PC and Mac)
- Fast transfer rates (up to 30 MB/s)
- Gold SIP technology, water- and scratch-resistant

IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey:
4GB - $19.99
8GB - $29.99

Buy Here


More from 5.5 Designers:
Milan Design Week 2010
Tab Stool, 2009
Milan Design Week 2008
Designer Tattoos, Design Miami 2007