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Advice For Students

Prospective, undergrad, grad, and other!

Choosing a Design School

When you're looking at the different design schools, you'll want to consider the location, the facilities, the faculty, as well as the philosophy.

Portfolio Tips

These days you need to go beyond the ordinary to make your portfolio stand out. Stu Constantine provides an overview of what to do and how to excel.

Hack 2 School

In honor of the start of the school year, Core77 has put together the definitive set of tips, tricks, and lifehacks for design students.

What is ID and why should I care?

Our job is to design products—anything and everything that's mass-produced—from Ferraris to toasters, from furniture to television sets.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

A special discussion board feature dedicated to spreadin' wisdom to design students entering the new school year.

1000 Words of Advice

Allan Chochinov breaks down what every design student needs to know. Fast.

Opinion: Deep or Wide

Pete Zerillo discusses the age-old dilemma for design schools: Train workers, or educate students?

Why Grad School?

Niti Bhan on the reasons to choose graduate study.

Assembling a Competitive Application for Graduate Studies

A guide through the application process with tips, do's and don't's.

How to Get an Internship or First Job

Looking for that big break? A gateway to the thrilling world of design? Follow our 10 step program and you will be on your way!

IDSA Annual Scholarships

IDSA offers Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships each year. The recipients receive cash awards to be used in the completion of degree work in the following year. Applications are accepted in the spring annually.

Designers: Who Are They? What Are They?

The guv'mint's answer: quite useful