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Physical Computing Roundup

Smart Environments
"The only user input needed here is walking across the room."
by Lisa Sundbeck, Architecture Grad Student at Columbia University

The Zoology of Physical Computing
"I have begun thinking of physical computing pieces as each their own species of technology vying for small niches of cultural attention."
by Joey Stein, Embedded Interaction Designer at the American Museum of Natural History

Interview with Danny Rozin
"I started messing with digital video as input to a computer as part of my perpetual search for richer and more physical ways for people to interact with computers."
with Danny Rozin, artist, developer, Director Of Research at ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Designing Systems for Human Interaction, Not Human-Computer Interaction
"Physical-digital objects will evolve and proliferate, taking many forms from consumer objects, to custom designed exhibit design, to art work. Physical-digital interfaces will not be novel, they will just be used."
by Camille Utterback, artist, developer, 2002/2003 Rockefeller New Media Fellow

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