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Harvey Cards

Cut 'em out. Shuffle 'em up. Start brainstormin'.
Let it be random and don't skip hard ones.

For more brainstorming help, check Martin Leith’s list of idea generating techniques.

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Modilize, bring life to inanimate subjects (having human qualities). Apply repetition, progression, narration.


Contradict the subjects original function, reverse and deny! Visualize your subject in connection with the reversal of the laws of nature, gravity, magnetic fields, growth cycles, procedures, rituals.


How can your subject be imbued with symbolic qualities? What can you do to turn your subject into a symbolic image, a public symbol?


Overlap, cover, overlay. Super-impose dissimilar images or ideas. Combine sensory perceptions, (sound/color, etc.) Combine different point of view synchronistically.


Move your subject into a new situation, environment or context. Adapt, relocate, dislocate to a new environment.


Extend, expand, supplement, magnify your reference matter, make it bigger.


Exchange, switch, replace. What other ideas, image, etc. can be substituted?


Twist the subject out of its true shape or meaning. How can you misshape it? Can you melt it, burn it, make it fatter, wider?


Convert. See your subject in a state of change. Think of "cocoon to butterfly" transformations.


Relate to your subject. Put yourself in it's "shoes". Think of it as having human qualities.


Compare. Draw associations, seek similarities between things that are different. What logical or illogical associations can I make?


Simplify, omit, remove elements. What rule can you break?


Separate, set apart, crop, detach. Use only parts. What elements can you detach or focus on?


Camouflage, conceal, deceive, encrypt. how can you hide, mask and shift your subject to another frame of reference?

Change Size

Make subject bigger or smaller. Change proportion, relative size.


Repeat a color, form, shape, idea. Restate, echo, duplicate in some way.


Build a myth around your subject. How can you transform your subject into an iconic object?


Fantasize your subject. Use it to trigger surreal, preposterous, outlandish, outrageous bizarre thoughts. Think "what if" thoughts. What if alligators played pool or day and night happened at the same time?


Bring things together. Connect, link, unify, mix merge, rearrange. Combine ideas materials, technologies.


Ridicule, mimic, mock, caricature. Make fun of your subject.. "Roast it", transform it into a visual joke or pun.