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CORE Mission Statement

This service is free to users and is intended to promote design and designers as well as provide educational, career and design related resources to anyone interested. We are designing this site to be used as a valuable reference that designers will keep on their desktop and reference frequently.

In order to make this service more valuable for everyone, and to help us grow as quickly as possible, we would like to hear from everyone who stops by. We are looking for design firm names, school listings, services, competitions, manufacturers and suppliers. Please send this to us via e-mail or through the feedback forms scattered throughout the site. We are also interested in design critiques on our site - either on the graphics or on the system itself. Tell us your thoughts and criticisms and we will try to incorporate them.

About the Designers

Stu Constantine and Eric Ludlum are both second year graduate students at Pratt. Eric, from Oregon and Stu, from Connecticut have been working on this god-forsaken project since January 1, 1995 and no longer have lives to speak of. They both have bitchin home pages though, InfoSlab and Fuelrod. Make them happy and go there.

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Resource Lab

The resource Lab is the bread and butter of CORE. This is where we will be stockpiling all of the information that you want to see. There are sections offering advice and help, suggested reading and comprehensive lists of firms, suppliers manufacturers and more. If you are looking for work or looking for materials, this is the first place you should go.

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Pratt ID

We've collected everything we could about Pratt's program and are publishing it here for the first time. First of all there are sections devoted to student work, as much as we can get. See the graduate, undergraduate and thesis pages to get an idea of the way things are here. The rest of the Pratt section is devoted to the department itself, including its history, faculty, application information and more. If you've thought about coming here, you should have already seen this spot.

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When you want to waste time, there is no better place than on the web! Thats right, downloading those huge image files on your lousy 9600bd modem takes hours. Seriously though, we've collected our favorite sights and ideas and put them here, because all work and no play makes all your designs turn into chicklets.

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Because this is more than a magazine we've put all our feedback into one easy to access spot. You can fill these forms out at various places throughout CORE, but come here to see them all and others. This is where the design discussion occurs and we also have a page of fan letters to the editors. Once you write to us come back and watch as it gets posted before your very eyes!

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