The source for Industrial Design information on the Web. Everything from helpful hints to extensive lists. Whether you are looking for references, a job, advice or information, there is something here for everyone.

Design Firm Listing
How and who to contact, with active links when possible
Design Associations
A listing of associations that you might be interested in
Employment Opportunities
Job postings and self promotion tips
Protecting and Selling Your Ideas
Patents and agreements for the sake of your idea
Reading List
In case you have any spare time
Competitions and Events
Dates, places and specs on noteworthy events and contests
Design Links
List of links to other ID Web sites. Worthy of your attention
News and Articles
All design related in one way or another
Raw Materials/Manufacturers of Parts
Come here to price your parts or to find unique materials
School Listing
List of American schools with accredited ID programs.

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