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Posted by Sam Dunne  |   1 Oct 2014  |  Comments (0)


More from the Passionswege: Young Portuguese design duo Pedrita Studio were paired up with central Vienna glass workshop Karl Stiefelmeyer Glaserei to share skills and explore some new avenues.

Designers Rita Joao and Pedro Ferreira were inspired by the detailed craftsmanship that the workshop staff gave to huge sheets of mirror and glass, wondering if these skills could be turned to small scale objects. Rita and Pedro set out designing a range of table top objects that could be made simply from the huge array of glass types and mirrors in stock at the shop. The designers incorporated colourful felts—the material used extensively in glass handling for protection—giving some lovely contrast to the pieces.

Although Stiefelmeyer have yet to make any moves to produce the objects, they did allow the designers to set up a showroom in a disused office room at the front of the shop to display the wares.




Posted by Sam Dunne  |  30 Sep 2014  |  Comments (0)


'Design Week' season is very much upon us here in Europe. As things wrap in London, we've jetted over to the slightly more sedate and astonishingly grandiose (seriously, Paris ain't got nothing) Vienna—capital of Austria—to hit the trail of Vienna Design Week, running from September 26 to October 5.

We're delighted to see the return of the awesome 'Passionswege' platform—the program in which the city's design department pair traditional manufacturing companies still surviving in the region with emerging international design talent, the partnerships sharing skills and often creating some truly inspiring objects and interventions.

First stop in Vienna this year, world -eknowned crystal manufacturer Lobmeyr—who took part in the Passionswege last year— invited the public to their showroom and workshop to see the fruits of their pairing with design duo BCXSY.





Posted by Sam Dunne  |  26 Sep 2014  |  Comments (0)


What with all the pomp and ceremony, prolonged exposure to design shows and festivals these days can, on occasion, cause a slight feeling of disease— a symptom perhaps of a perceived detachment from reality amongst the shiny objects and chair redesigns. What an oasis of perspective then, on our week-long tour of London Design Festival 2014, to stumble on the humbling sight of a scissor-making workshop in the heart of Shoreditch.

Craftsmen from century-old Sheffield-based Ernest Wright & Sons (fifth-generation family-owned no less) set up shop at The Saturday Market Project, giving demonstrations of blade hand-sharpening and scissor assembly in their mini-workshop. (Some of you may recall that Cliff Denton, a lifelong 'putter' at Ernest Wright & Sons, was recently the subject of a short documentary.) Whilst spending the day working up some intricate bird-like embroidery scissors, the guys also had an impressive selection of their hand-made tools on show—the owners are still passionate about the role of hand crafting in an age of mass-manufacturing when much production has moved out of British towns, like the once industrial powerhouse Sheffield.

We were particularly enamored with the cutting potential of the enormous large bolt 13" tailoring shears—a hell of weight to them! A pair of these hand-crafted monsters will set you back a cool GBP 130/USD 212





Posted by Sam Dunne  |  26 Sep 2014  |  Comments (0)


Color trend research agency Global Color Research took over the green outside Shoreditch station last week at London Design Festival, collaborating with material and surfaces specialist Giles Miller to create this unusual multi-colored obelisk in celebration of the dark art of colour forecasting. "Global Color Research has been successfully prediciting and applying color trends in design for 15 years. The science behind precise forecasting isn't simple but the results are clear..."


The installation—comprised of a frame holding a number swatches from the GCR archives, tracking the developing taste for colors from 2006 to (erm...) 2016—took on something of a religious character, with weary LDF-goers taking rest beneath its predictions past and present.


A smaller version of the sculpture was also on show at design show Tent London for those in need a mid-fair solace. All hail the gods of color!


Posted by Sam Dunne  |  25 Sep 2014  |  Comments (1)


Tent London—and its sister event Superbrands—took over the long retired Truman Brewery (interestingly the old beer may be making something of a rival) once again for London Design Festival exhibiting creative furniture and design work from both big brands and smaller players.

Highlight of the show for us has to go to the mind boggling optical illusion mirrors on show at the Cascade stand. Although the guys wouldn't reveal to us quite how they had achieved this impressive effect, it seems that neon tubes are wedged between reflective plastic sheets giving this three dimensional tunnel effect shooting straight through a solid wall (there was a stand on the other side, we checked).





We couldn't help but be drawn in by the lovely crisp, clean kitchenwares on show as a collaboration between Sue Pryke and Wild and Wood, a range of crockery and chopping boards with subtle references to life in the great outdoors.