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The Boston D. Party

The Core77 Continuum Bash!

Since we were going to go to the conference up in Boston, with its history of revolutionary patriotism and tasty brewing, anyway, we figured we had to have a party. You know, mix it up a little with the Natives, supply some relaxation from the conferring, basically bring a little Man Clam Chow to the New England Chowdah heads.

Core Party Partners:

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(It's a soup metaphor, get it?)

Unfortunately, Core had never been up there in Bean-town before, so we consulted li'l sister Coroflot's good friend Continuum. Next thing we knew, we had some serious partay partners and a bash was on the way. We even got some shweet shwag going, thanks to the extremely good people from Ashlar-Vellum: as the party's door-prize lottery sponsors they provided some niiice summery prizes and in more ways than one...but more on that at the bottom right. So, on the Fri-night of the IDSA weekend, we convened on the Club Lily's up in Somerville and took care of some offsite, non-conference representing. Here's the photo montage:

Core Jr. loads up the Core-mobile with the D. at the Harbor

Sam Adams: Brewer, Patriot, inspiration for the D. Party.

A Core-pal pumps it up!

The DJ gets his tracks on before the nervous/sound breakdown

D.J.s? We don't need no stinking D.J.s!

Oh, no, we got all kinds of people and drinking to do.

Make that bar work for it, that's right...

The Lottery
(what a great short story . . .)
All right, so here's the lowdown on the Ashlar-Vellum sponsored lottery. As I said, those great people at Ashlar agreed to buy some door prizes for the ol' drop a card, maybe win a prize party deal. But check out these sweet prizes: not only did they buy 'em, but it was their software those hotshot Continuum designers used to create these actual products:

Tiitanium frame, Zeiss shades!

XO, King Cobra bike helmets!

Stainless Steel, Double burner, gas grill!

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