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IDSA Boston '01: The Design Gallery

The Castle, around the corner from the main conference hotel headquarters, hosted the key meeting, eating and greeting area during the Boston Conference, that is The Design Gallery! All attendees congregated here for the tasty daily meals, the opening evening reception, ice cream time, the informative displays and tchotchkes from the various vendors' stands, and to see the finalists of the IDSA's IDEA competition. Unfortunately, Core's main camera fell into the Charles River on a late night duck excursion, but here're some shots in and around the Castle that survived from the disposable "pop-shot" cameras:

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The Castle was quite dramatic at night, but a day trip along hidden corridors and crumbling staircases did bring us to the top of that turret for some stunning Boston scenery... alas, those shots were confiscated.

We tried to zoom in on that creature crawling up the side...not sure if it did it any kind of justice...seems it's a throwback to a previously discarded conference theme: The Influence of the Ocean...what it comes across as is a Karim Rashid-Plob-like, Captain Nemo-plaguing, D.T.-inspired monster.

But, just before you reach the top of the turret, you could reach out and give its ropes some satisfying tugs!

Inside, the scene was much like this...concept cars, milling people, free drinks, supplied vendors, comfy chairs, and chatter, chatter, chatter!
The concept cars shown at the gallery were, of course, quite a crowd pleaser. Our favorites:

BMW's "X-Coupe:" this stainless steel baby has her own jet plane and has done more traveling the past 9 months than I've done in 29 years! Yet her odometer still reads 2.6 miles...

This is her front end.

Structural support issues aside, I'm ready to trade in the ol' 'Vette for one of the production models of this coupe. I mean, I love my Chevette, but this is a whole new hatchback style.

Check out this cool model from the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Transportation Design Department: The green mobile is the "Traverse," by Eric Dunshee, Jeff Hamilton and Chaz Mello. Nice work to all of you. By the way, this is the front.

And this is the back. Can you say souped up? Sweet! Please, also notice the concept "Multi-task" parking meter. Designed to save hours of peoplepower, headaches, and coins, by another SCAD designer, Florian Widmer.

A nice touch in the rear, den-like room of The Castle was the display of vintage small cars and Vespa from earlier generations...all Italian, all space conscious, always parkable.

These are all the front view, I think.

And, of course, there're those toasted Syracuse kids again. Pushin' around their cart of good intentions and meaninful messages, and, naturally, toast.